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Summer at Sunshine

Multi-Week Ski School   

Be smart and stay comfortable

Dos and don'ts of ski attire

DO wear a helmet. Not only will it protect your noggin, but a helmet can also keep you warm on a cool day. Sunshine's Rentals shop at the base can set you up with a helmet that properly fits with the addition of  flaps to cover your ears and keep you warm. Or, better still, buy your own helmet in one of our retail locations. 

DON'T go bare-headed. Not only are your vulnerable to injury, but you can also get frostbite. Be sure to have a tuque or wool hat when not wearing your helmet.

DO wear layers. Layered clothing that starts with a synthetic wicking material (such as polypropylene) is absolutely essential.

DON'T wear cottons. When you sweat, cottons get wet and you get chilled very fast.

DO pick the right material. Look for articles that are waterproof, breathable and loose-fitting. The shell pants should also be loose-fitting and insulated.

DO get the right jacket. There are many fine breathable jackets on the market - look for a wind-resistant shell. 

DO pay to get the right socks. Wear a pair of synthetic socks as they will keep your feet warm by wicking moisture away from your feet throughout the day.

DON'T use double pairs of socks. They squeeze your tootsies and chill you faster.

DO use goggles. Make sure they have good air circulation, a double lens and anti-fog coating.

DON'T use shades. Sunglasses don't offer the protection of good goggles, and can break and cause eye injury.

DO protect your hands. Invest in a good pair of waterproof, breathable mitts or gloves for greater dexterity.

Check our ShredLines video episode on buying the right gear.