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Sunshine Village - Banff Canada

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Fire Crew

fire crew

Unique to Sunshine Village and our remote location, staff is given the opportunity to apply and be trained as Fire Crew members through the ski season. Fire Crew members are required to provide fire-fighting and emergency response services to guests and staff at any location within the Sunshine Village leasehold.  Their primary function is to assist in the evacuation and rescue of persons at a fire scene.

Fire Crew members receive the Fire Etc. “S300” training program and upon successful examination become qualified firefighters in the province of Alberta and receive an internationally recognized certificate.

Members are required to fill a minimum number of on-call shifts per month (a duty room is provided for those that do not live in staff accommodation) as well as a minimum number of training nights per month.  For more details and application forms contact Human Resources once employment has begun, all applications are due during the first week the hill is open.

Fire Crew