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Sunshine Village - Banff Canada

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International Applicants

In order to work at Sunshine Village you must obtain a work visa/permit on your own. Sunshine does not provide letters of offers or sponsorship to applicants to assist in the visa process.

How do I obtain a work permit?

To apply, applicants must contact their local Canadian Consulate or Embassy.


What else do I require to work at Sunshine Village?

Social Insurance Number (SIN)

In order to begin work at Sunshine Village you must apply for a SIN number. Once in Canada, you can apply in person with your passport and work permit to receive your SIN on the spot. Your SIN card may also be mailed to you and if so, they will provide a document noting the number that you must bring on your first day of work.

Apply directly at a Service Canada Centre, located throughout Canada, including: Canmore, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Travel Insurance

To begin employment at Sunshine Village you must also have valid travel insurance that shows the policy number along with expiry date. This important part of travelling protects you against unforeseen illness or injury and you should ensure you have the appropriate coverage for the activities you will be partaking in.