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Sunshine Village - Banff Canada

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If I am successful in obtaining a position at Sunshine Village what do I need to bring on my first day of work?

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Passport and valid work permit (Foreign Employees)
  • Original Criminal Record Check (Canadians only), dated within 6 months
  • Valid Travel Insurance or Provincial health care
  • Canadian Direct Deposit banking information
  • Canadian employees- ID photo or government issued
  • Contact information: permanent address, temporary address and emergency contact details


Where is Sunshine Village?

Located within Banff National Park in Alberta, about 90 minutes west of Calgary, and only 20 minutes from the spectacular town of Banff.


How do I get to Banff or Canmore from the airport?

From Calgary: Daily shuttle service is available from: Banff Airporter, and Brewster Bus Services.

From Vancouver: Take a Greyhound bus from Vancouver straight to Banff; it will take 12+ hours.


How do I get to work (Sunshine) from Banff or Canmore?

Free Staff Bus: Sunshine provides subsidized transportation to those who live in Banff and Canmore to get to and from work. The schedule is available from mid-October, and will be sent to you from your Supervisor closer to your start date. There is also ROAM transit bus between Banff & Canmore.

Extra Buses - We also sell a bus pass for $12.50/2 weeks (subject to change). This allows employees living in Banff to use the public skier buses that run every few hours between Banff and Sunshine. There are no additional mid-day buses from Canmore to Sunshine Village.

Own Vehicle: If you are driving from Banff or Canmore to Sunshine Village, follow Hwy 1 towards Lake Louise and exit at the Sunshine Access Road. The drive usually takes 20 minutes. Staff park in the back  parking lot past hotel check-in and must register their car with Human Resources.

When do I start working?

You offer of employment states an approximate start date, which is subject to change based on weather, the resort and training dates. If the resort opens later due to low snow conditions, you will likely receive part-time hours, or your start date will be pushed back, so it is important you come financially prepared.

Your manager or supervisor will contact you directly to let you know when and where to meet on your first day of work. Since most of our employment is seasonal, you may not hear from your supervisor until early or mid-October.

Do I need a Canadian Bank account?

Yes, as you will be paid directly into your bank account. Banks in Banff include: Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Credit Union, Alberta Treasury, and Royal Bank (machine only). You will need to make an appointment so plan ahead.

How do I obtain my Social Insurance Card?

There are Service Canada offices located in Vancouver, Calgary and Canmore. You will be required to have proof of application or the card number prior to commencing work.

How is training organized?

During your first week of employment you will receive department-specific training, as well as Sunshine Village Orientation, which will cover our policies and procedures, mountain safety, as well as staff discounts and benefits.

How much will I work?

Our resort is open 7 days per week, with weekends being our busiest time. Generally full-time seasonal staff works between 30 to 40 hours per week, 4-5 shifts per week. This is dependent on snow conditions and business levels. For staff starting in October/November, the first few weeks of the season are slower. We recommend you arrive in Banff with some extra savings to get through slower times. For permanent full-time year round employees we are closed on the weekends through the summer.

When will I get paid?

Sunshine staff are paid every second Friday through direct deposit into a Canadian bank account. You will also accrue vacation pay at the rate of 4%, and paid out at the end of your employment with us.

What uniform will I be provided and/or expected to bring?

Outdoor positions: If you have been hired for an outdoor role (ex. gondola operations, lift operations, trail crew, bellman, warehouse and base area services), you will be issued with an outdoor uniform (snowpants, winter jacket, liner, and hat). You will also want to bring with you warm, waterproof and hardwearing boots, gloves, socks and thermals.

Indoor positions: Employees who work indoors will be given  uniform tops from Sunshine Village (Blue jeans and yoga pants are not permitted. Many indoor departments may also require you to wear black pants and shoes, however. Your supervisor will advise you what you will need.

If you have questions about brands or the durability of items like boots and gloves, you can ask your supervisor for details on your first day of work or via email before you arrive.

How cold does it get in the winter?

The temperatures can vary from a mild -5 degree Celsius to a chilly -30 degrees Celsius. You must be prepared and dressed appropriately for all types of weather as it can change dramatically and quickly. Dressing in layers is key.

Where can I stay if I am not living in staff accommodation?

Banff is the closest town to Sunshine, and where a large portion of our seasonal staff lives. Canmore is about 20 minutes from Banff, which is further from Sunshine but closer to Calgary. There are many housing opportunities in both towns. You can check Kijiji for ads or the newspapers Crag and Canyon, and The Rocky Mountain Outlook.

Are there any local hostels?

Since you cannot move into staff accommodation until your first day of work, or you may not have arranged housing in advance, you should look into booking a local hostel. The HI Banff Alpine Centre and YWCA offer both short and long term accommodation at special rates for staff. There is also the Samesun in Banff, as well as the Hostel Bear in Canmore. It is recommended that you make a reservation prior to arrival.

How can I get more involved in the community?

Banff LIFE is a great organization that offers free or heavily discounted activities and events to young adults in the community. Every Wednesday night they serve $1 pasta dinner and have an annual Christmas feast!

The Banff Centre provides arts and culture for the area through concerts, shows, festivals and a lot of other events. They have a gym, the Sally Borden Centre, where staff receives a free one-week trial.

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Have a great season!