Conditions of Employment

Important to keep in mind

Criminal Record Checks

All Canadian employees will need to provide an original Criminal Record Check completed within the last 6 months, which can be easily obtained through the Banff RCMP located behind the Brewster bus depot. The process takes approximately half an hour, and costs $27.50, cash and exact change only.

Foreign employees with working visas do not need to provide a Criminal Record check.

Job References

All Sunshine Village applicants will need two (2) work reference letters or contact names and information. Email addresses are preferred.

Health Care

Canadian employees must provide their provincial health care number. Foreign Applicants must have either provincial health care or valid travel insurance to work at Sunshine Village, and must present a copy of their travel insurance including the policy number, start and expiry dates, on their first day.


Direct deposit is mandatory at Sunshine Village. When signing in please supply either a blank cheque or a direct deposit sheet provided from your Canadian bank.

Grooming Policy

All Sunshine Village employees are required to comply with the Corporate Grooming Policy before they start their employment. Some points in the grooming policy to keep in mind:

Male Employees

  • Men's hair must be neatly trimmed and combed, be clear of the eyes and should not extend below the base of the neck or beyond the collar.
  • Ponytails, dreadlocks or long hair are not allowed.
  • Male employees must be clean-shaven or have neatly trimmed, well-groomed full mustaches, goatees or beards.

Female Employees

  • Hair below shoulder length must be neat and not fall forward over the face while working
  • Dreadlocks and corn rows are not permitted.

All Employees

  • Facial and body piercings other than ears are not allowed
  • Hairstyles should be neat, clean and conservative and must be of a natural colour
  • No tattoos to be visible to the guests