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Summer at Sunshine

Multi-Week Ski School   

Beginning to ski or snowboard

Develop your skills and discover the best of winter at Sunshine

You don't have to be a kid to learn how to ski and snowboard. These sports can be learned at any age and can be tailored to every level of athletic ability.

You want to make those first few trips to Sunshine Village fun-filled and not fearful. Here's what you need to know:  


If you are not comfortable - and that can mean too cold but also too warm - you won't be able to concentrate on the fun. 



It's best to rent equipment before you buy. Sunshine Village has an excellent line of Salomon entry-level skis, snowboards, poles, boots and clothing, but you can also be fitted by a number of rental shops in Banff, Canmore and Calgary. Beginner skis tend to be flexible, putting the emphasis on ease rather than performance. Choose boots that provide a relaxed, comfortable fit.

Ski & Snowboard School

The quickest and safest way to get comfortable on the slopes is with Sunshine's award-winning and certified instructors. Group lessons are the least expensive, and you'll be with new skiers and snowboarders, just like you. All of our program options are listed in the side navigation for your convenience. 


Start on gentle runs

Green runs are a gentle way to build confidence as you build skill.

If you're brand new, it's best to take a few practice runs on the Mighty Might carpet lift.

Try our NEW Strawberry Express quad to travel down our most popular beginner runs, Dell Valley and Rock Isle Road. When you're ready for longer green runs, head to nearby Standish, WaWa or Angel chairs, which are all accessible from the heart of the Village. There is also a great green run off the JackRabbit chair.

Remember to take it easy, and stop for the occasional rest. Most injuries occur near the end of the day, when skiers and boarders are getting fatigued.

Be safe!

  • A few common-sense rules ensure you'll have a great vacation
  • Don't try challenging runs until you are ready
  • Always wear a helmet and other protective gear
  • If you're tired, take a break
  • Get lessons; you'll learn faster and enjoy your visit sooner
  • Follow the Alpine Responsibility Code