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Man and nature in harmony

At Sunshine Village Ski Resort, we bring spectacular alpine sport experiences together with the awesome beauty of nature to create a unique relationship between our resort and the natural environment.

Sunshine is located atop the Continental Divide in Canada's Banff National Park, a place so mesmerizing it is declared a world heritage site by the United Nations. Surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of vast wilderness, glacier fed lakes and streams, and endless forests, Sunshine employees continuously seek to balance the best in human enjoyment with the best in sustainable conservation. It is in this setting that Sunshine Village provides the alpine experience - where man and nature meet.

Our hundreds of employees are environmentalists, people who live, work and play here because they love their mountain environment. We know looking after the environment is good for the future. It is also good for business. It also enhances the experiences of our visitors. It is why we are dedicated to environmental protection through various methods. This includes the promotion of car-pooling and mass transportation, sustainable building techniques, land reclamation, spring seeding resource conservation, and ecologically sound ski area operations. Our employees are actively encouraged to adopt an ethic of superior environmental stewardship.

At Sunshine, we are not perfect, that our efforts must be on going, and that we will need to work even harder in the future. Our commitment is that we will continue to strive to protect and be good stewards of the natural resources within Banff National Park and the surrounding ecosystem.

Our On-going Efforts

Sunshine Village Ski Resort's environmental work can generally be divided into 3 categories:

  1. On a constant basis we daily engage in dozens of internal initiatives to reduce the impact of our day-to-day business operations on our environment;
  2. Our experts have implemented and constantly seek to develop the most environmentally sound operations on our mountains;
  3. Our support of environmental protection and preservation of the regional eco-system.

Visit the Association of Mountain Parks Protection and Enjoyment (A.M.P.P.E.) website