Welcome to the Hotel… Fire Fighters??

Such a lovely place, to control the blaze.

Banff Sunshine Village- Starting the Morning of August 2nd, the Banff Sunshine Village will become the Verdant Creek firefighting command control center. Our team will return back to the mountain Wednesday morning to get ready for Parks Canada, and BC Parks move into the Sunshine Mountain Lodge. The fire fighter will stay at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge, while they work to contain the wild fire.

With the use of the Sunshine Mountain Lodge as a control center for the firefighting efforts, tomorrow morning our staff living on mountain will be able to return home.

Our goal is that by housing the fire fighters on-site, they’ll be able to better access the firefighting regions and have a productive central command center.

Sunshine Mountain Lodge and Sunshine Meadows will remain closed at least through the August Long Weekend for guests to allow the firefighting crews to perform their duties without concerns of having the public in the area.

Once the fire is contained in the North Simpson region, we will reopen the Sunshine Mountain Lodge and Sunshine Meadows for guests.

It is our hope that we will reopen for commercial use early next week.