This summer at Banff Sunshine Village, it’s exciting to be a part of the Sunshine Mountain Lodge team, as the hotel is now open for the first time in over 25 years! Combine our summer opening with the enthusiasm that surrounds Banff National Park with Canada’s 150th celebration, and you’ll find that we at the hotel couldn’t be more enthused to be a part of Summer at Sunshine.

This summer, when you stay at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge, you’ll meet our friendly and worldly team. Many of our employees have traveled from around the world to live, work, and experience the majesty of the Canadian Rockies. Collectively our team members speak over 20 languages and represent over 15 countries including Chilli, Sweden, Australia, United Kingdom, Lithuania, New Zealand, Taiwan, France, The Netherlands, Canada, and the US.

“We truly enjoy working in this out-of-the-ordinary location! The views are breathtaking; it’s something we still can’t believe we wake up to EVERY SINGLE DAY!” Says Alexandra Perez, a housekeeping team member and a hotel communications ambassador. “Working here, I’ve met a lot of open-minded people from many different countries. Working at Sunshine has given me a tremendous opportunity to create friendship, learn about diverse cultures and, at the same time, share our experiences!”

When asked what she loves most about working at Sunshine, Alex responds, “The atmosphere! Working and living here can make you feel like home. It’s not just due to all the warm and friendly teammates that surround you, but also because of Sunshine. The resort cares about us, and encourages staff to interact with each other, to explore popular places in Alberta, and hosts an extensive offering of events for all us to take part in.”

“Working in a national park is pretty cool! As part of our training an introduction to Banff Sunshine we were all given a safety training on bear and wildlife safety from “Bear Safety & More.” In the course, we learned what to do in case we meet a bear, and how to defend ourselves.” Alex expresses.

To use Alex’s words, “It’s not working when you’re at 7, 200 ft. Surrounded by the beauty of the Canadian Rockies.”

This summer, we invite you to meet our team and to discover our summer side. We’re open for summer sightseeing, hiking, and lodging until September 24th.