Throughout North America, The Wild West was notorious for its outlaws; it’s unruly communities, and for a general sense of “ain’t nobody else here.” In North American folklore The Wild West was celebrated for its danger, and it’s excitement.

At Banff Sunshine Village, our Wild West is no different. In fact, our wild west is so unruly that we haven’t been able to open the freeride zone to the public since 2014. This year, the snow is our favor. Thanks to the 75 cm of fresh snow March has already brought and the hard work of our Snow Safety Team we were able to open the zone for skier and snowboarder on March 9th, 2017. 

The Wild West is an extreme freeride ski-zone named in memorial of the notorious characters who first skied our mountains and settled the wildness now known as Banff Sunshine Village.

The Wild West, like Delirium Dive, is an extreme freeride zone. All skiers and snowboarder wishing to break trail must be equipped with snow safety knowledge, an avalanche pack (including a beacon, probe, and shovel), and ride with a buddy. The Wild West is our most technical and extreme ski terrain. The slopes are steep, tight, and require agility. Many of the runs within The Wild West require mandatory air.

Looking to explore The Wild West?
We recommend starting with Wheeler’s (Named after A.O. Wheeler, the man who surveyed the Alberta- BC border through the Canadian Rockies and the founder of the Alpine Ski Club of Canada), before moving on to Luxton’s (named after the original Mr. Banff) or even Kain’s Cliffs.

The decision to open The Wild West will be made on a day-to-day basis depending on snow safety. If you’re keen to survey The West, follow @ssvsnowsafety on Twitter for Delirium Dive and Wild West updates.