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May 16, 2013

Sunshine’s sixth and final act of the 2013 Spring Concert Series set to perform May 18th- 20th

With their debut album set to be released later this year, Saskatoon-based The Steadies are thrilled to be the final band performing in the 2013 Spring Concert Series at Sunshine Village. No strangers to the Bow Valley, they can’t wait it bring their “island rock” beats and high energy to the best year end bash in the Rockies.

Who makes up the band?

Earl Piere, formerly of Wide Mouth Mason is the lead vocalist and bass player, Justin Lee plays the guitar and Jason Hattie is on the drums. Earl and Justin hail from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Jason Hattie is originally from Trinidad.

What kind of music do The Steadies play?

We like to call our music “island rock.” This type of music is a hybrid of sounds. It takes the laid back vibe of reggae and the high energy of modern day rock ‘n roll and mixes it all together.  It’s the perfect music to listen to at the top of a mountain surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Who are your fans?

We have the best fans and they are spread out around the world. We have played a lot of shows in the Bow Valley and because of that, our music is now gaining popularity in places like Australia and New Zealand. We can’t wait to visit them all.

What types of shows do you usually play?

We usually play concerts in bars or pubs in the evening, so playing in the daytime on an outdoor stage is a change for us.In fact, this is the first time we’ve ever played a show in the daylight. We are pretty excited to see all the energy the crowd is going to bring on a beautiful spring day.

Where do you tour?

We tour mostly in Canada right now, and we’re really excited to be doing our first East Coast tour this coming year. The furthest East we’ve been is Montreal and we are excited to bring our “island rock” to people who live on an island.  We have plans to travel to the US and eventually overseas in the next few years as well.

What are you most looking forward to at Sunshine Village?

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be closing out the season at Sunshine! The energy and atmosphere is what we’re most looking forward to. We don’t do sit down shows, so this event is right up our alley. People can expect high energy dance songs with a chill vibe.

The Steadies are the sixth act featured in the 2013 Sunshine Village Spring Concert Series with performances on Saturday, May 18th, Sunday, May 19th and Monday, May 20th. These live shows can be enjoyed by anyone with a lift ticket or season’s pass. Non-skiers may also purchase a gondola-only ticket to reach the concert area, located in the heart of Sunshine Village. 

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