May 9, 2013

Wide open ‘til May 20th, Sunshine Village will play host to Alberta’s TR3 as they entertain crowds on Saturday, May 11th as part of the Spring Concert Series. This will be the band’s second year performing at the resort.

Are you all Albertans?

We all live in Alberta now. Three of us are from Canmore and two are from Calgary.

Does TR3 tour?

We play a lot in Alberta and sometimes in British Columbia. We sometimes travel to Saskatchewan and as far west as Whistler. We’ve been playing together for 25 years, so we’ve done a lot of performing together in a lot of places.

Have you played with other bands in the past?

We have had the privilege of playing with bands like the Cars, the Turtles and the Rascals. We love the energy that comes from performing with other musicians, so we do our best to make it happen as much as we can.

Have you played at other ski resorts?

We have played at every ski resort from Blue Mountain, Ontario to Whistler, British Columbia. This also happens to be the second year in a row playing at Sunshine and we’ve played every ski hill in the west at one time or another. They’re always a lot of fun.

What kind of music can we expect to hear?

It’s retro ski weekend, so you’ll hear everything from Frank Sinatra to AC/DC on May 11th. We’ve dug out our retro ski gear and we’ll be bringing lots of musical variety for all the skiers and boarders out there.

What does performing at the Sunshine Spring Concert Series mean to you?

A couple of us have season passes to Sunshine and we frequent the off-piste, Delirium Dive as much as we can. It’s a really fun environment that Sunshine creates every year and we are excited to be a part of it. There’s nothing better than when the sun meets the music and the margaritas meet the masses, or the Veuve Clicquot champagne in this case.

TR3 is the fourth act featured in the 2013 Sunshine Village Spring Concert Series with performances on Saturday, May 11th. These live shows can be enjoyed by anyone with a lift ticket or season’s pass. Non-skiers may also purchase a gondola-only ticket to reach the concert area, located in the heart of Sunshine Village. 

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