Sunshine’s signature snowshoe tours take a step back in time in the heart of the Rockies

February 1, 2014

Over 200 years ago the land surrounding Sunshine Village was used as a route between the territories of neighbouring First Nations’ tribes. Today, the landscape remains virtually untouched, offering up 360 degree panoramic Rocky Mountain Views in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Sunshine Village provides guests a glimpse of the region’s storied past, deep in the heart of Banff National Park. The resort’s Historical Snowshoe and Fondue Tours, a recognized Canadian Signature Experience, invites travellers on an authentic journey through untouched snow.

The tours, led by local guides, offer up anecdotes and historic snapshots while taking guests through a wintery wonderland. From pre historic days, when the meadows were buried by glaciers and the first sign of men’s presence dating back to the ice age, to first European Contact in the 1800’s.

A few important dates in the early history of Sunshine’s evolution to internationally recognized resort in the heart of Canada’s oldest National Park include:

Circa 1800-1850: Beginning of European contact.

1841: The Shuswap Indians used the Shuswap Pass to trade with the Stoney Indians in the lower Bow Valley. Sir George Simpson is the first European to travel through the Pass while on trek around the world.

1887: The Government of Canada established the Rocky Mountain Park (260 sq. miles), which later becomes Banff National Park.

1899: Walter Wilcox was the first tourist to travel through Sunshine while on his way to attempt Mt. Assiniboine for the second time; he took the first photograph of Sunshine area.

1927-28. CP Rail built a cabin for the Trail Rider’s of the Canadian Rockies on the site of the present day Old Sunshine Lodge.

March 1929: Cliff White and Cyril Paris were the first ones, but not the last ones, to ski Sunshine Meadows after an adventurous Citadel Pass crossing. They missed the cabin due to a white out and were forced to camp out in the open.

Sunshine Village snowshoe tours are available throughout the seventh month ski season (weather permitting) from mid-November through the end of May.

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