Sunshine Village Dash For CashOne decade after The Dave Irwin Foundation for Brain Injury Recovery hosted its first awareness and fundraising event, the 2012 Dash for Cash at Sunshine Village will celebrate ten years of growth and triumphs.

The February 4th event raises money in support of acquired brain injury education, research and outreach programs.

The Dave Irwin Foundation for Brain Injury was founded by two-time Canadian Olympic downhill skier and World Cup champion, Dave Irwin and his family, in March 2002. The foundation was created following Dave Irwin's remarkable survival and on-going recovery from acquired brain injury suffered in March 2001.

Irwin, also known as one of the Crazy Canucks, has a long history of accomplishments.

He learned to ski at 18 months of age at his father’s ski resort in Thunder Bay. He entered his first ski race at six-years-old. By age 12, Irwin had entered his first Junior Canadian Ski Championship competition.

His talent, ability and determination led to many championships and accolades. 

For 30 years leading to his tragic accident in 2001, Irwin was a well-known figure on the international stage.

Highlights of Irwin’s career include membership in the Canadian National Ski Team and in the Canadian Olympic Team. He even spent a few years working in the Marketing department at Sunshine Village.

Neurotrauma is the leading cause of death and disability for Canadians under age 45. It's estimated 5,000 Albertans are hospitalized from it each year. The Dash for Cash was established to increase public awareness and prevention of brain injuries, to fund research grants and to help fund rehabilitation and community outreach programs and services to assist brain-injured Canadians.

The event consists of teams of four who participate in dual slalom format races for fun and fundraising.

On the eve of the Dash for Cash (Friday February 3), singer, songwriter Jace Everett of HBO series True Blood fame, along with Banff favourite Dennis Williams, will perform at the new Creekside Restaurant, at the base of Sunshine Village. 

A minimum $10 donation will be asked for at the door with all proceeds going to the Dave Irwin Foundation for Brain Injury.

For detailed event information or to register please visit or contact Lynne Harrison at