Terrain park

The resort unveils new park features off of Wolverine high speed quad

December 5, 2013

Looking to hit the park this season, but just starting out? Have no fear, Sunshine Village has set up some beginner park features off the Wolverine high speed quad. The ‘Kids Play Park’ is perfect for those wanting to practice their park skills before the season is in full swing.

With two small jumps and three small features (including three boxes), this little setup is the perfect excuse to take some turns off Wolverine and play in the park.

“Right now we have two small rollers (jumps) and the idea of the rollers is to get beginners to learn how to pump transitions and practice ollie-ing (jumping) over them,” said Ben Surralik, Sunshine Village’s Terrain Park Supervisor.

“The rollers transition into the dance floor box that we moved from Strawberry Terrain Park. It’s pretty low to the ground, so that it’s low consequence. Then it leads into a small rainbow box that we call boon. It’s three feet wide and not very long, which transitions into a larger rainbow box after that.”

Surralik decided to set up small park features off the Wolverine chair because of the shelter the lower treeline provides for riders and skiers.

“From previous years of working here I`ve heard from the public that they were interested in having something with a little bit more shelter. We thought it was a great idea to have a park on the lower mountain and start out small,” said Surralik.

“We wanted to create a place where ski or snowboard instructors could take their classes that were interested in trying the park in a fun and sheltered environment. And as for those advanced riders, it’s also a great opportunity to come have a little fun on some smaller features.”

Surralik and his terrain park team are going to be evolving the ‘Kids Play Park’ throughout the season – stay tuned!

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