World Snowboard Day

Celebrating World Snowboard Day at Sunshine Village

December 20, 2013

Come enjoy Wold Snowboard Day here at Sunshine Village. The annual event, held across the globe to help encourage people to discover snowboarding, will take place this year on Sunday, December 22nd.  

To highlight this globally-recognized day, the resort will construct a small terrain park just above the village beside the Angel High Speed Quad, where guests will be able to show off their skills.

“With World Snowboard day, we want give back to the snowboard community by setting up some features in a special location,” explained Ben Surrallik, Sunshine Village’s Terrain Park Supervisor.

To top it off, Surrallik and his team have been working hard at constructing terrain parks all around the mountain; including the opening of Spring Hill Park located off Sunshine Village’s Angel high speed quad.

Right now the resort’s Spring Hill Park has three rollers and features including a big water tank and boxes of different sizes and shapes. The rollers will become jumps as the season progresses and even more features will be added to the park.

“We’d like to build up the rollers and add two more features at the bottom of the run,” explained Suurallik.  “We’re going to switch things up mid-season, and once the snow level builds up, we can rebuild even more features.”

“We’re also hoping to get feedback from the skiers and snowboarders here at Sunshine. We’re definitely interested in suggestions and requests to make sure we’re building the best parks we can.”

As for people looking to try out the terrain park this season, Suurallik suggests taking it slow and heading to the Kid’s Play Park just off the Wolverine high speed quad.

“Try riding or skiing through the park before attempting anything, and stop at each feature to take a look at it. Make sure you take your time, and look before you leap,” explained Suurallik.

The Kid’s Play Park will be staying on Wolverine for the rest of the season for those who are just starting out. And, the best advice Suurallik had to offer was the classic saying, “practice makes perfect!”

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