Long Weekend Fun, Hike Amongst The Larch Trees At Banff Sunshine Meadows!

It’s official, the last long weekend of summer holidays is officially here. For many families, kids are already back in school. With the above seasonal weather, this labour day weekend we advise you to hold off on saying “so long summer.”

Instead, we invite you to skip the crowds of the mountain towns and to come witness the change of the season live and in person on the trails of Banff Sunshine Meadows.

As summer turns to fall, Banff Sunshine Meadows transforms into to a tiger stripped sight as the larch trees turn a golden hue before losing their needles for winter.

Larch Trees are a species of coniferous tress (fur trees). What is unique to Larch Trees, is that they are also deciduous trees, every fall they lose their needles. These trees thrive in cooler climates across the Northern Hemisphere. At Banff Sunshine Meadows, the Larch Trees flourish. Laryx Lake, the back lake of Sunshine Meadows, was named for the abundance and beauty of the Larch Trees through our mountain resort.

Majestic to look at, Larches are known to grow upwards of 147 ft. (65 m). Despite the season, you’ll notice these trees around the mountain. Often, they stand alone, proud and giant.

This weekend, book your ride on the Sunshine Gondola and see the beauty of the seasons first hand as you wander through Banff Sunshine Meadows. Post hike, hydrate at Mad Trapper's our friends from Gatorade will be sampling new flavours.

 Our Banff Sunshine Gondola will be running (from 8 am to 6 pm) all weekend long.