Strawberry Terrain Park

Sunshine kicks off the new season with the opening of the Strawberry Terrain Park

November 20, 2013

Sunshine Village’s terrain park team has been hard at work constructing a park that opened in conjunction with the resort’s opening day just below the Strawberry Express Quad.

“We have eight features in total. On the right is our beginner line starting with our dance floor box – it’s very learner friendly and everyone loves it. Then it flows into our 24 ft down box, and the down box leads into a 44 ft flat down box,” explained Ben Suurallik, Terrain Park Supervisor, Sunshine Village.

“The line on the left is our tubby tube line.  We used three new tubes from last season, and they go from smallest to largest. The first feature is our 16 ft flat tube, and the second is our 26 ft down tubby tube, which leads into the 16 ft propane tank tubby tube. The last two features include our mail box features that we put right in the ground for everyone to hit. “

Suurallik and his team are working hard at continually collecting snow from around the mountain to set up the multiple terrain parks slated to open at different times throughout the season. The resort typically has on average three separate terrain parks around the mountain, with the Rogers Park the largest of all three.

“The cat drivers have been track packing the whole mountain, which compresses the snow down for the initial base, but in the terrain park we need more snow to build up the park. There are these reservoirs [because of snow farming] that we can take some snow from, and put it where we want it,” said Suuralik.

When asked about the comparison between man-made snow in other resorts and natural snow Suuralik replied,

“From a terrain park builder’s perspective you can make it quicker [with man-made snow], but from a riders perspective natural snow is a million times better,” explained Suuralikk on why quicker is not always better. “Natural snow all around is the best. Any builder and can adapt to making large features and setting up a park with natural snow, so it’s not an obstacle. Ice is the number one negativity about man-made snow, and it really sucks to fall on it.”

And what is the terrain park supervisor excited to ride this season?

“I’m most excited for our Springhill Park, once the Angel chair opens. As we get more  snow, we can guarantee more little rhythm sessions between features, and jumps can progress from five to 10 ft,” said Suuralikk, “I can’t wait to start making extra large jumps and hitting them. We plan on doing multiple large jumps in a row up in Rogers Park this season.”