Did you know that when Prime Minister John Macdonald first voyaged to the Canadian Rockies, his wife "Lady Agnes Macdonald," was so enamored with the wild beauty of the Canadian Rockies that she demanded to sit on the "cow-watcher" at the front of the train. 

As the train flew through the Rockies, Agnes watched in amazement (from a bench built on the front of the train engine) as the Rockies came to life before her eye. 

For Lady Macdonald, her first experience of the Canadian Rockies stayed with her for the rest of her life. From first sight, she fell in love with Banff and all of its wild beauty. It is said that Lady Agnes promised all those she spoke to that "the wild and untouched beauty of the Canadian Rockies will rejuvenate your soul."

Local and award-winning writer, Jody Robbins, shares Lady Macdonld's sentiment. Jody exclaims that EVERYONE SHOULD VISIT SUNSHINE MEADOWS!

"Lonely Planet rated Sunshine Meadows Canada’s #1 hike, and for good reason. You’d be hard pressed to find prettier views anywhere in the Rockies. Located in Banff National Park, there are wildflowers scattered over the mountain meadow in early summer and in autumn it’s a prime spot to view the changing colours. Best is that its well developed (mostly flat) trails are a cinch for strollers or toddlers to hike on their own. Yes, it’s the hike where everybody wins!"

Read more about why Jody thinks that you need to visit Banff Sunshine Meadows on her blog.

Sunshine Meadows is open for summer sight-seeing and hiking until September 24th.