Our normally mountainous views, hidden by the thick smoke of the fire.

Verdant Creek Fire Update, July 18th, 2017 - Banff Sunshine Village: The fire fighters are actively working to control the Verdant Creek Fire in Kootenay National Park. The wildfire is close to Banff Sunshine Village, on Monday it reached within 2.5 km of Sunshine Village on the BC side. At Present, the fire is being actively fought on a number of fronts.

Close to Banff Sunshine Village, Parks Canada is tackling the blaze behind Grizzly Lake and Laryx Lake. Thankfully, the area between the fire and Sunshine is high alpine terrain, with little fuel for the fire to consume. Fortunately at Sunshine, due to our cut runs with little brush, we have plenty of defensible space to battle the flame.

Park Canada is fighting hard to prevent the fire from spreading into Sunshine Meadows, where our beautiful hiking trails are, and from it spreading into the Sunshine Village area. As a precautionary measure, Parks Canada has brought in hoses, sprinklers and other fire fighting equipment to be used as necessary to protect Sunshine Village. At present, the weather is cooperating. The wind has died down, the weather has cooled, and it appears that Sunshine Village may get rain on Thursday.

At Sunshine, The Sunshine Mountain Lodge remains open for guests. However, the superintendent has put a closure on all day use of the Sunshine area.