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Sunshine Village Ski Patrol & Sunshine Village Ski Patrol Avalanche Control Advancement in Banff, Alberta (AB)

Sunshine Village Ski & Snowboard Resort employs Field ID safety inspection software along with mobile devices with scanners, and metal bar codes to track and manage explosives used in avalanche control.

John Scurfield, Vice-President of Sunshine Village, said the technology is a significant leap forward in avalanche safety systems.

“We’re delighted that a leading ski resort like Sunshine Village has selected Field ID to deliver on its commitment to high safety standards as efficiently as possible,” says Somen Mondal, CEO, Field ID. “This implementation demonstrates how Field ID can be used in a wide range of industries to improve inspection and safety compliance management.”

Sunshine Village places bar codes on magazines used to store explosives for winter-time avalanche control and summer-time rock blasting. The magazines, placed at various remote locations around the resort, must be checked daily by resort employees under strict regulations governing explosives.

The Field ID system replaces the previous paper-based record-keeping with a more reliable and efficient way of ensuring regulatory compliance. A record of each inspection is uploaded to a Field ID server, and is permanently available for review by government inspectors.

“Scanning the information with Field ID is super-fast, super-easy and super-efficient,” says Tim Ricci, a ski patroller and Assistant Snow Safety Supervisor at Sunshine Village. “By taking paper out of the inspection process, the solution also supports our goal of being as green as possible.”

In addition to regulatory compliance, Sunshine Village uses Field ID to track and manage its explosives inventory, and to track security checks throughout the resort. Sunshine also plans to track inspections of other critical safety equipment such as ropes used in rescues and chairlift evacuations.