Terrain Park

Sunshine Village has the best terrain park in the Canadian Rockies with dozens of features. The full Terrain Park is accessible via the Continental Divide chair lift, on Lookout Mountain, as well as from the Angel Express.


    16ft flat box  (S)

    24ft flat box  (S)

    15ft jump       (S)

    Flat down flat box (M)

    Flat down flat tube (L) 

    30ft Jump (L)

    16ft tubby tank (L)

    24ft down tube (L)

    20ft down rail (L)

    40ft jump (L)

    24ft arch bridge (XL)

    16ft flat tube (M)



    20ft up rail (L)

    30ft jump (L)

    40ft jump (L)

    Flat down rail (L)

    Down flat down (XL)

    40ft down (XL)

    S box (L)



    Dance floor/mailbox (M)

    Buoy tap (M)

    Duel level box (M)

    (X2) 10ft jumps  (S)

    6ft rail (M)

    24ft down mailbox (M)

    15ft jump (M)

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