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Get Snowboard Fit With These 5 Exercises!

Get Snowboard Fit With These 5 Exercises! Hero thumbnail
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Oct 2, 2019

Get Snowboard Fit With These 5 Exercises!

Getting Fit is the Trick to Land a Great Season on the Slopes.




Balance. On a snowboard, balance is what keeps you on your feet.  As snowboarders, we’re constantly challenging our balance – through turns, terrain, and tricks. With winter officially on its way, now’s the time to get back into shred shape. 


Carving up the slopes, on a board is a full-body exercise that will get your heart rate up while requiring core engagement. As a snowboarder, our turns are initiated from our core – by subtly transferring our weight (and balance) from our toes to our heels. 


Freestyle snowboarding is playful and loaded with tricks. As a snowboarder catching air off a roller, thanks to a nice ollie, switching up the lead leg, and learning new tricks is all part of the thrill of the sport. 


Just like skiing, Snowboarding has elements of High-Intensity Interval Training –, especially for park riders. The lap down the mountain is the high-intensity training and the ride up the chair in the rest. 


If you're committed to learning new tricks this season, it’s time to get yourself fit for winter. Adding some snowboard specific strength training to your workout will get your body ready to become a master of style on the slopes. 


As snowboarders, these are a few of our go-to exercises to get our body ready for the winter season: 


1. Seated Triceps Dips: Every winter, our snowboard pros are surprised by how sore their triceps are after the first day back on snow. As a snowboarder, every time we sit down to do up our bindings (or push ourselves’ back up after a tumble) we rely on our triceps muscles. To recreate the seated triceps pushup, sit straight up with your legs extended out in front of you and engage your core. Place your hands beside your hips and push your hands into the floor to lift your seat; bend your elbows to bring your seat back to hovering off the ground. Aim for 30 reps.


2. Ollie Hops: Pretend that you’re on your snowboard with your lead leg in front. Bring your weight down, touch your hands to the floor, load up your back leg and JUMP as high as you can. Do 20 jumps your regular way, then 20 jumps switch. 


3. Single-Leg Dead Lifts: Challenge your balance, and envision your lead leg strapped in. Place your back leg behind your lead leg like you’re going to push to skate in a low lunge. From the low lunge, engage your core and bring your leg up to hip height as you lower your upper body. With your core engaged, lift your upper body as you return to a lunge position. Repeat 20 times on your lead leg, then switch legs.


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4. 180 Jumps: A one-eighty is the foundation of almost every trick you’ll ever learn, and a steezy backside 180 is also one of the most stylish tricks you’ll have in your cards. Stand like you’re on your board and jump 180 degrees to your frontside (rotating your shoulders to your front); with your opposite leg now in front jump 180-degree cab (switch front side) and again rotate your shoulders to the front. Repeat 20 times, then switch to backside and switch backside 180’s.


5. Duck-Feet (Sumo) Squats:  Once again, picture yourself on your snowboard and turn your feet out so they’re pointing in opposite direction. Engage your core, and lean your upper body forward, bend your knees, and lower your seat. Repeat 20 times.




Once you’ve worked through the session, repeat the exercises 3-5 times, twice a week, to help get your shred muscles ready to carve up Canada’s Best Snow all winter long. We’re aiming to open November 8th.


Now that you’re getting an edge on the season fitness wise, get an edge on winter skill wise and sign up for our Jump Start Multi-Week Ski and Snowboard Program. Learn more about the program here.