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5 Exercises to Get Your Ski Legs Back!

5 Exercises to Get Your Ski Legs Back! Hero thumbnail
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Sep 24, 2019

5 Exercises to Get Your Ski Legs Back!

Ready to get your ski legs back?



For most of us, when we think of skiing or snowboarding a smile comes to our face as we recant the thrill of the sport. Despite the rush of adrenalin that comes with carving down the slopes, for most of us when we think of HIIT training skiing, and snowboarding is not top of mind.


As fun as skiing and snowboarding is, a day on the slopes is a pretty good workout. One that will get your heart beating and your legs burning. Both skiing and snowboarding are forms of High-Intensity Interval Training. With the downhill portion being the high-intensity interval and the chairlift ride being the rest period.


As a skier or snowboarder, working up and maintain strength and endurance (both on and off the slopes) will allow you to enjoy the lifelong benefits of winter sports in the Canadian Rockies.


With winter on its way, now’s the time to get our legs in shape so we can carve up Canada’s Best Snow all season long. 


Ever notice just how fit a skier or snowboarders lower body is? That’s because holding an edge, and ripping through fresh powder, down a 30-degree slope requires serious lower body and core strength. For a winter sports enthusiast, being ready for opening day means getting the legs back in ski shape.


At Banff Sunshine, our go-to lower body workout consists of:


1.      Tuck Squats: To make the workout fun, get into character. You are an Olympic downhill racer perfecting your tuck.  Now assume the tuck position, stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width, lower your seat until your thigs are parallel to the ground, bring your arms up so your forearms are parallel to your thighs and engage the core. Focus on keeping your heels grounded. Repeat getting in your tuck position from standing 20 to 30 times.





2.      Tuck Holds: Assume the “racer’s tuck” position and hold for 1 minute.


3.      Tuck Jumps: For this exercise, imagine yourself competing in a world cup ski cross. You’re in your tuck, and you're jumping off rollers. From your tuck position, maintain your core and jump as high as you can for 20 to 30 reps.






4.      Tuck Turns: From your tuck position, practice shifting your weight from side to side like your carving through gates. Alternate the placement of your weight for one minute.


5.      Tuck Jump Turns: From your tuck position; jump 90 degrees to the right, back to center, 90 degrees to the left, back to center. Set the timer and see how many you can do in 1 minute.


Rest and repeat. We recommend working through the tuck sequence 3-4 times a workout. Now that you’re getting an edge on the season fitness-wise, get an edge on winter skill-wise and sign up for our Jump Start Multi-Week Ski and Snowboard Program. Learn more about the programs available in our Snow School.