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5 Snowboard Moves To Get You Ready For Opening Day.

5 Snowboard Moves To Get You Ready For Opening Day. Hero thumbnail
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Oct 23, 2019

5 Snowboard Moves To Get You Ready For Opening Day.

Leg Burning Strength & Cardio Moves to Have You Riding The Rockies.



So, you want to be a master of the slopes? You crave the fresh mountain air and the thrill of carving down the mountains. You dream of feeling the soft crunch of Canada’s Best snow under your feet, and you’re committed to making winter 2019/20 your best winter season yet!


To be a master of the slopes, get a head start on the season and start working on your lower body strength. As a snowboarder, mastering the slopes requires both core and lower body strength. As it takes strength to hold an edge, and core engagement to stay balanced on your board.


This snowboard specific workout has been designed to blast your legs, to elevate your heart rate, and to train your core. By training our major muscle groups before the season, we will be preparing our bodies for the fun days on the mountain in our near future.



Snowboard Moves to Get You Ready for Opening Day

For a few of the exercises, we’ll be working from our “Snowboard Stance”. To get in your snowboard stance position, stand with your lead foot in front and your feet a little wider than shoulder-width.


1. Snowboard Squat Tail Grabs– Stand like you would on your snowboard, drop it low, and reach your back hand to the floor two feet beside your back foot. At your low point hold the grab, before standing back up.  Repeat for 30 reps, then switch side.


2. Snowboard Tail Grab Jumps – Once again stand like you are on your snowboard, squat down to grab your tail and jump up as high as you can keeping your back hand as close to where the tail of your snowboard would be. Aim to do 30 tail grab jumps on one side, then switch your lead feet for another 30.


3. Squat Inch Worms to Tricep Push-ups –  From a standing position, with your feet shoulder-width apart squat as deep as you can, push your heels into the floor as you stand up. Once you’re back to standing, bend forward so your hands touch the floor. With your hands on the floor, walk your hands forward so that you are in a high plank. Holding your high plank, bend your elbows and lower your self to the floor. Once your chest is on the floor, push through your palms to push yourself back into your high plank. From your high plank, walk your hands back to your feet before standing and retreating- starting with your deep squat. Repeat for 20 reps.


4. Squat Side Step Burpee - From your squat position, transfer your weight to your back leg as you side step once to your lead side. From the side jump up, reaching your hands overhead. As you plant your feet, bring your hands to the floor and your feet back into a plank. Jump your feet to your hands, then jump to standing. As you land side step to your opposite side and repeat the burpee. Repeat continuously for one minute.


5. Plank To Pike – Find your high plank position, and engage your core. From your plank, lift your hips and the clock, and start moving your feet in a “football-er” shuffle. Run your feet as you stay low in your squat for one minute.


Once you’ve worked through the sequence, rest for a minute and repeat. Our snowboard strength and cardio routine has been designed to get your blood pumping, and your muscles working. To be ready for opening day, we recommend working through the series 3 to 4 times to tire out your legs, core, and arms.


Now that you’re getting an edge on the season fitness-wise, how about get an edge on winter skill-wise? Sign up for our Jump Start Multi-Week Ski and Snowboard Program. Learn more about the programs available in our Snow School.



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