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5 Ways To Save On Lift Tickets!

5 Ways To Save On Lift Tickets! Hero thumbnail
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Dec 10, 2019

5 Ways To Save On Lift Tickets!

This season, buy in advance and save on Lift Tickets! 

Learn more about Mobile Lift Tickets, Costco Tickets, Sunshine Super Cards and other great options.



Whether you are an occasional rider or a hard Shredderer, if you're looking for a deal on lift tickets, we have an option for you! 


This season, there are different ways to save daily on lift tickets. Buying them in advance is, for sure, your best way to enjoy a day (or more) carving up Canada’s Best Snow for less.


Here’s a quick look at 5 ways to save on lift tickets this season:


1. Mobile Lift Tickets

Ever wish you could just skip the Ticket Window and download your lift ticket to your phone? This season go paperless with our Mobile Lift Tickets and use our Ski Banff App on your phone as your ticket.


Buy your Adult Mobile Lift Tickets online for $117 and you will save $10 off Window Ticket Price. Visit our e-store to get yours.



2. AMA Direct-to-Lift Tickets

Are you an AMA member? You can get access to special discounts on Direct-to-Lift Tickets, Sunshine Super cards, and Sunshine services.


An Adult Lift Ticket for AMA members is $94. You save $33 off window rate! Note that AMA discounted lift tickets and Super Card can only be picked up at your local AMA Travel Centres. Find out more here.



3. Costco Tickets

If you are visiting us 2 days in the season, take a look at our Costco tickets! For just $179.99, you get a pack with 2 full-day adult lift tickets. Plus, 3 extra discount offers.


Costco tickets can be used by 2 people on the same day or 1 person on two non-consecutive days. You will ride for only $89.99 each visit, meaning you will be saving $37 ($74 in total) off the window rate! Learn more here.



4. Sunshine Super Card

If you want to ride at Banff Sunshine for 3+ days. Plus, explore other great resorts and take advantage of super discounts then the Sunshine Super card is perfect for you!


For just $99, you score 3 FREE days and 1 BONUS day of skiing or riding at 6 resorts, including Banff Sunshine, Marmot Basin, Revelstoke, WinSport, Snow Valley, and Rabbit Hill. Depending on the days of the week you come and the number of times you use your Super card, you could ride for approximately $80-85 each visit (based on the Sunshine Adult Lift Ticket price).  Learn more here.




5. Sunshine Season Pass

If you are a hard shredderer who wants to carve up on the slopes of Banff Sunshine 11+ days this season, then grab a 2019/20 Sunshine Season Pass today!