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A Strong Core, The Foundation for a Strong Season.

A Strong Core, The Foundation for a Strong Season. Hero thumbnail
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Oct 9, 2019

A Strong Core, The Foundation for a Strong Season.

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To be a master on the slopes, either on two planks or one, a strong core is a necessity. As a skier or snowboarder, the stronger and more engaged our core (or midline) is on the hill, the longer you can stay out on the slopes enjoying Canada’s Best Snow.


Our core/midline consists of the muscles in our pelvis, back, and stomach region. On the slopes, when we’re cruising down Great Divide we’re relying on our core muscles for balance and stability. In the mountains, especially on the slopes, the stronger our core the less pressure we put on our legs, allowing them to focus on carving up our three mountains of terrain.



Core Moves to Get You Ready for the Slopes:

For a few of the exercises, we’ll be working from our “Racer’s Tuck.” To get in your tuck position, stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width, lower your seat until your thighs are parallel to the ground, bring your arms up so your forearms are parallel to your thighs and engage the core. Focus on keeping your heels grounded.


1. Deep Squat to Standing Torso Twist – From your “racer tuck” position, plant your feet firmly into the ground as you stand tall. Once standing, twist your torso to look over your right shoulder (like you’re shoulder checking) and return to center before squatting back into your deep racer tuck.  Repeat 20 times to your right, then 20 times to your left.


2. Mountain Climbers – From a high plank position, engage your core as you run your knees first towards your chest, then towards your opposite elbow. Mountain climb for one minute.


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3. Deep Squat to Rotating Knee Lifts – From your deep racer tuck, plant your feet firmly on the group, and push yourself to stand. Once standing, lift your knee to meet your opposite elbow. Return to center and back to your tuck position. Repeat 20 times twisting right, then twenty times twisting left.


4. Plank Jacks –  Think jumping jacks, but from a plank. From a high plank (or elbow plank) position, jack your feet in and out. Hold your core as your legs go out and in — plank jack for one minute.


core exer 2.jpg


5. Sit up to Standing – Now this move takes practice, and is quite challenging. To start, lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet planted on the floor. Lift your upper body into a full sit-up. From here, bring your upper body back to the ground as you bring your knees towards your chest and rock back to stand. Try to keep the work in your legs as much as possible. Do 20 reps.


Once you’ve worked through the sequence, rest for a minute and repeat. We recommend working through the series 3 to 4 times to tire out your core. This workout series has been designed to give your core an edge.


Now that you’re getting an edge on the season fitness-wise, how about get an edge on winter skill-wise?

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