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Uphill Ski Notice for Banff Sunshine.

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Mar 19, 2020

Uphill Ski Notice for Banff Sunshine.

PARKS UPDATE: As of Wednesday, March 25th, Parks Canada will be temporarily suspending motor vehicle access to all national parks and historic sites. Parks Canada will be installing a gate at the bottom of our access road.  For more information, visit Parks Canada.


Wanting some fresh mountain air?


While we are now temporarily closed, due to covid-19, uphill skiers in want of fresh are allowed to hike up our ski-out to access the backcountry.


If you plan to skin up the ski-out and travel through our resort, we require that you are aware that during our temporary closure NO avalanche control work, grooming, or maintenance of any kind is currently being performed. In addition, with our resort closed, no first aid or emergency services are available.


While traveling through Banff Sunshine Village Resort, for your safety:


- We ask you to be aware of and to expect downhill traffic at all times (day or night). Downhill traffic may include other skiers, snowboarders, and snowshoes, and over-snow vehicles such as snowcats, snowmobiles, and tracked trucks.

- We encourage you to walk single file, on the edge of all trails.

- Respect all closures and areas marked with NO TRESPASSING/NO ENTRY/ NO UPHILL TRAFFIC signs.

- Understand that risks, dangers, marked and unmarked hazards exist, which may result in serious injury and or death. Be aware.


At this time, all visitor services in Banff National Park are suspended. Due to scarce resources, search and rescue operations throughout the Park are extremely limited – should a situation arise, you will be responsible for your own self-rescue.  If you travel uphill, all are expected to exercise additional caution at this time, including avoiding activities with any safety risks.


All users who access the premises have implicitly agreed to the posted EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY signage and all terms and conditions thereunder.


 Parks Canada Emergency Dispatch: 403.762.4506

Sunshine Village Security: 403.431.2078