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ITAV: Slush Cup 90

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Jun 19, 2018

ITAV: Slush Cup 90



Each ski season, we set out with a series of goals. One of which is dedicated to up-ing the "thrill factor" of our annual Slush Cup Event. 


At Banff Sunshine,  we go all out on our annual event. Each year, our goal is to make the upcoming end of season splash, better than it's predecessor. For us, Slush Cup is more than an end of season party. It's tradition for saying "ski ya later, winter." 


Since our earliest days, we've been ending our ski and snowboard season with a splash. Legend has it our very first Slush Cup originated with Two Banff locals, Cyril Paris and Cliff Whyte, who while enjoying Canada's best spring skiing found themselves faced with a watery obstacle in the middle of the run. 


Cyril turned to his friend and dared Cliff to ski across the raging brook. 


Over the years, Sunshine Village's Slush Cup has morphed from a campy end of season creek run, to an end of season staff party, to the official "ski ya later, winter" shred festival. 

What does it take to put on Slush Cup? Teamwork. In this episode of It Takes a Village, watch along as we bring you behind the final splash of the ski and snowboard season. Learn, what it takes to run our world-famous Banff Sunshine Slush Cup.


Our annual Slush Cup Long Weekend is a party.  The marquee event of the weekend Slush Cup is our biggest event of the year with thousands showing up to watch as 90 skiers and snowboarders dare to hit the Slush Cup jump with the single goal of making it across the 110 ft pool of freshly melted snow water. For Slush Cup to run smoothly, our mountain team needs to come together for one soaking good time. 


Slush Cup is an event, that every department is involved in,  from the hotel to lift ops to trail crew, events, marketing, snow safety, food and beverage, retail, cat crew, warehouse, guest services, security, and more. 


For our team, planning Slush Cup is a season-long endeavor. It starts with a look back at the previous event and an ask "How can we make Slush Cup event better?" 


As we approach Slush Cup Monday, the pool and jump are sketched out. In the days leading up to Slush Cup, our team works to diligently to build the slush cup pool, stage the official Slush Cup merchandise, and expand the Trappers Snow Garden. 


Overnight, the cat driver comes in and digs out the pit and builds the jump. The driver then lays the massive tarp down for the crew in the morning to secure and fill with water. The water comes from our reservoir above Waterfall on Wawa and its COLD! Finally, the fencing is put up, the cameras put into place, the music turned on, and the event begins.

In trappers, the crew arrives early Monday morning to start setting up the beer gardens in preparation for the hundreds of guests that will be enjoying their day in Trappers and the beer gardens. Food and Beverages are stocked up to accompany all the party goers for the day. 


Slush Cup 90 was our biggest event yet, and it wouldn't have been possible without the whole Village.