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And The Snow Keeps On Falling!

And The Snow Keeps On Falling! Hero thumbnail
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Feb 3, 2018

And The Snow Keeps On Falling!

And the snow keeps falling! 

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And falling, and falling. On January 28th, a storm cycle moved into the Canadian Rockies and has made itself at home over the slopes of Banff Sunshine. Since the storm first sprouted up we have received over 76 cm (30.5 in) of Canada’s Best Snow. These 76 centimeters have settled into a storm base of 55 + cm. 


...and the snow keeps falling! Environment Canada is predicting the storm to continue through the weekend, and possibly into early next week. 

Over the month of January, 153 cm (5'1") of the white gold settled evenly throughout our mountain resort. The snow, brought with it cheers of joy as skiers and riders claimed powder turns, and face shots. 


With snow fences up, our trail crew is catching (almost) every flake that lands on our slope. With the new snow, our mountain operations team is dutifully working to open up as much new terrain as we can. At present Snow, Safety has their eyes set on opening Delirium Dive; once the Avalanche Risk is mitigated. 


As an FYI, Parks Canada has issued an Avalanche Warning for Banff National Park. The risk factor in the alpine, and treeline is HIGH. Veteran Avalanche Consultant, Chris Stethem, explains “the recent snow buildup combined with weak layers has created a safety concern in some areas of the mountains. 


Parks Canada is recommending all skiers and snowboarders avoid the backcountry, and go enjoy the fantastic ski resorts. 

So far season to date, we at Banff Sunshine Village have received over 540 cm (216 in) of light, dry, fluffy, natural snow. At Banff Sunshine, our location high on the Continental Divide makes us a magnet for snow.