Monday, January 1

Happy New Year!

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Jan 1, 2018

Happy New Year!



Happy New Year Sunshiners! 




 As we welcome 2018, we’re treated to warm(er) weather and glorious sunshine.  For the first week of the New Year, the weather forecast is predicting a daily high of -4c, with snow coming later in the week. 


At Banff Sunshine Village, the arrival of 2018 marks a major milestone in our history. Our Old Sunshine Lodge was built in 1928, and our first guests were hosted in the beautiful Canadian Rockies that same year. 


For the past 90 years, we’ve been inspiring Canadians and visitors alike to fall in love with the magesticness of the Canadian Rockies.


For the past 90 years, we’ve been a place for families to play while creating memories that last a lifetime.


It fills us with such joy to be a part of the fabric of Alberta, Winter recreation, and Canadian Culture. 


As we enter 2018, we enter our 90th year of business. Through out the year we’ll be sharing some of our history with you. 


This year, celebrate our 90th with us! We’ll be hosting a series of unique events throughout the year in celebration of our big 90.