Saturday, December 23

Ride The South Side Chutes

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Dec 23, 2017

Ride The South Side Chutes

Take a Ride on the South Side. 

Ski Goat's Eye Mountain. The Biggest, Baddest, Steepest, Deepest Ski Lift in the Candian Rockies. 




In just under 5 minutes, Goat's Eye Express carries skiers and snowboarder up a verticle of 1,860 ft (566 meters). From the top of Goat's Eye Express, Skiers and Snowboarders have an array of choice, varying from the gentle blue of Sunshine Coast to the thrilling challenge of Banff's most technical terrain. For the advanced skier, Goat's Eye Mountain is a paradise. 


Back in December of 1995, when Goat's Eye Express was being built some of the double black run names were an homage to some of the toughest neighborhoods in the united states. The steep tree runs, Hell's Kitchen, which will have you cooking up a sweat, was named after Hell's Kitchen, New York. 


Likewise, The South Side of Chicago is infamous for being the toughest neighborhood in the Midwest. if you're not a local, you'll find yourself asking "what am I doing here." Likewise, our South Side Chutes (which conveniently face the southside) can be a little intimidating. Even the best of skiers and snowboarder fight the butterflies as they "cross the tracks" and drop into the expert terrain. 


In our South Side Chutes, the slope pitch can vary. At drop-in, you're skiing a slope of approximately 50 degrees. Inside the chutes, you're skiing a slope range of 40 to 30 degrees. It's a wild ride that we highly recommend you add to your season's bucket list. Lucky for you, our South Side Chutes are now open for the season! (Merry Christmas). 


If you're hoping to get into the South Side Chutes this holiday, we recommend you scope it out before you ride it hard. The snow is variable, with deep pockets in the middle and thinner snow on the sides. As always we recommend that ski or ride with a helmet and that you ski with care as unmarked hazards and avalanche debris may be present.