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Why Spring Skiing At Sunshine Is The Best

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Apr 30, 2018

Why Spring Skiing At Sunshine Is The Best


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If you were to ask us, “when is the best time of the year to ski?” we’d be hard-pressed to give a short and concise answer. As frequent skiers and snowboarders, we live by the maxim that every day is a good day to ski. Especially come spring time. 


At Banff Sunshine, we look forward to our spring ski and snowboard season with ferocity. We ecstatically welcome the warmer days, the extended ski hours, the apres scene, and the soft park laps. 


What Makes Spring Skiing at Banff Sunshine so great?




1.)    Canada’s Best Snow makes for Canada’s Best Spring Skiing and Snowboarding


Thanks to our unique location high in the Canadian Rockies on the continental divide, our sub-arctic environment ensures we have snow and lots of it. Our mountain village is 7,200 feet; this helps protect our snow from a freeze/melt cycle. 

As a bonus, the changing of the seasons in the Rockies is often wrought with storms, which unpacks deep and delicious spring powder throughout our resort. 


With our resort’s location so high in the Canadian Rockies, rain in the Bow Valley means snow at  Banff Sunshine Village.  

2.)    You can sleep in, and still enjoy the best conditions of the day


Here's a secret avid spring skiers like to hold close. Come May; the resort quiets down with weekend warriors turning their attention to other activities. What this means is, spring skiers have the mountain to themselves. 


Come spring, you can arrive late and ski later. During our spring ski and snowboard season, we extend the hours of our lifts by half an hour. 

3.)    There’s something for everyone to ski


Love to carve? For the carvers and racers, the early morning spring snow is ideal for big and fast carve turns. 

Wanna learn new tricks in the park? For the park skier and snowboarder, afternoon spring park laps are where it’s at. The softer spring snow makes learning new tricks more inviting. 


Learning to ski for the first time? If you’re new to skiing and snowboarding spring is a great time to learn as you’ll have the learning area to yourself. Book a group lesson, and enjoy the smaller class size. 


4.)    The longer ski and snowboard days 


Thanks to daylight savings, and more accurately our northern latitude, the longer days allow for us to all ride and enjoy the sun a little bit longer. 

At Banff Sunshine Village, we’re wide open ‘til May 21st. Every day from now until then you can ski Wawa, Standish, Strawberry, Divide, Angel, Teepee Town, Wolverine, and Goat’s Eye until 4:30 pm, Jackrabbit to 5 pm, and the Sunshine Gondola until 5:30 pm. 


Apres ski, refresh with a cold one at Trapper’s as you dance to the sounds of our Untracked Spring Concerts Series, performing live weekends outside of Trappers. 


5.)    The Savings 


If you’re looking for savings on lift tickets, our 2018 Spring Pass packs in the savings. At just $366 for an Adult Pass and $254 for a Student Pass you can ride off your spring pass is less than three days. 


For Sunshine Super Card Holders, come May, save more on your lift pass. All May long you save $25 on your lift ticket. 

6.)    The Sunshine Atmosphere


During our Spring Ski Season, Banff Sunshine Village comes to life. Skiers and snowboarders are all smiles as the soak in vitamin D. Our spring events, bring energy and excitement to the mountain. 


Every weekend, throughout our spring season, there’s something to do at Banff Sunshine. Take in our weekend concerts, our events, and book your hotel room from our 90th Slushcup Long Weekend. 


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Spring at Banff Sunshine Village shines. This spring, the place to ski is Sunshine Village.

When on the slopes, remember to lather on the sunscreen and stay hydrated.