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Dive into 2019!

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Jan 1, 2019

Dive into 2019!



Can you believe it's 2019? For us, 2019, marks our 91st anniversary. We were founded, in 1928. To this date, our original sunshine lodge still stands proudly in our village. Today, the lodge is home to our Ski & Snowboard School, and Trapper's. On the walls of Trapper's, you'll find artifacts of our past and the folks that helped shape Banff Sunshine into the world-renowned ski and snowboard resort it is today. Those artifacts include photos of the near verticals, massive bowl, found at the top of Great Divide. Known to locals and the ski community as "Delirium Dive." 


Delirium Dive is one of the world's most challenging ski runs in the world. With acres of big mountain terrain; steep chutes, cliffs, and powder bowls. 


As we sauntered to the mountain this morning, with the optimism the new year brings, sharing well wishes for the New year, we heard the call on the radio. The one call that incites a melody of cheers.


"Snow Safety to Dispatch, we will be opening Delirium Dive, today." 


At 10 am, the radio call announced that Delirium Dive is now open for the 2019 winter season. 


"This is dispatch. Delirium Dive is now open, ENJOY!" 


This new year, make riding Delirium Dive your new year goal. To enter the extreme free ride zone, you'll need a backpack, beacon, probe, shovel, and a buddy. The terrain is recommended for advanced skiers and snowboarders who are comfortable riding double blacks runs. 


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Delirium Dive, named one of CNN's most extreme ski runs in the world, is an extreme off-piste ski zone with slopes ranging upwards of 60 degrees.  To ski or ride the expert terrain, skiers and snowboarders are required to have avalanche knowledge, ride with a buddy, wear an avalanche-beacon, and to carry a shovel and a probe in a backpack.  


To enter the zone, skiers and snowboarders must make their voyage up Great Divide, exiting to the left. From the top of Divide, skiers will need to walk through a beacon gate (that only opens with an avalanche beacon turned on to transmit). Once through the gate riders will make the 200m hike to the top of the Dive. 


Once arrived, the view will shock you. The slope is seemingly vertical and endless. Your adrenalin will race as you prepare yourself for the 2500 ft of vertical you're about to ride. 



Delirium Dive is now open for the season. Its status will be updated daily by Snow Safety and will be dependent on weather conditions. For the most up to date news on the extreme free ride soon, we recommend following @ssvsnowsafety on twitter. 




Just to reiterate, Delirium Dive is an expert only extreme freeride zone. To access Delirium Dive all skiers and snowboards need to have a backpack, avalanche beacon, shovel, probe and be riding with a buddy.