Wednesday, August 8

It’s the final countdown of winter 2019!

It’s the final countdown of winter 2019! Hero thumbnail
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Aug 8, 2018

It’s the final countdown of winter 2019!


It’s the final 12-day Countdown to Slush Cup Long Weekend!


Take a walk down the streets of Banff, as you stroll up and down the avenue folks chatting of Slush Cup 2019 are all you’ll hear.


“What’s your Slush Cup Costume?”

“Are you entering Slush Cup this year?”

“Remember last Slush Cup, when...???”


In the Canadian Rockies, Slush Cup Long weekend is and has been the official final splash of the ski and snowboard season since 1928.


The legend of our Sunshine Slush Cup first debuted 91 years ago, when a charismatic Cliff Whyte challenged a daring Cyril Paris to ski down a patch of snow that led to a raging brook.


Dare accepted.


Cyril Paris pushed off and tucked his way to the swollen stream, catching serious air as he skimmed along the water. Cyril made the act look so easy, that a Cliff followed confidently in his wake, only to make the biggest splash the Rockies has ever seen as he face-planted into the frozen current of water.


Since that inaugural Slush Cup, locals have celebrated the end of the season by tempting to stay dry while airing into and riding across a 110-ft. pool of ice cold water. Over the season, Slush Cup has evolved from its campy origin to the must attend 3-day, so-long winter, #Slushtival.


Each year our team asks, “How can we make Slush Cup Long weekend even bigger and better?”


For our 91st annual Slush Cup, we’re going ALL OUT.


The 91st Slush Cup Long weekend kicks off Saturday, May 18th, with our Slushshine Rail Jam. Where riders can win a 2019/2020 Banff Sunshine Season Pass.


On Sunday, May 19th, Our Watergate boardercross meets pond skim is back! This family favourite event is open to all, and is a chance for you to recreate the image of that first “slush cup.”


The Marquee Event, Slush Cup 91, will make its grand splash Monday, May 20th.  Watch at 80 contestants compete for the $3000 in prize money and the bragging right titles of having their name immortalized on the “Slush Cup” as the 91st Mr. Slush Cup, Mrs. Slush Cup and the Slush Jester.


Don’t miss winter's last splash! Order your Sunshine Spring Pass and mark your calendar.

The place to be May Long weekend is Banff Sunshine Village.