Thursday, February 14

Love is in the Mountains!

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Feb 14, 2019

Love is in the Mountains!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together a list of the five cutest and cheesiest conversation “icebreakers” we’ve heard on the mountain.


5. Are you an Angel? Because You’re on the Express to my heart.


This twist on a classic, makes us giggle. We love how it plays on Angel Express, our (and the Canadian Rockies) first high-speed express chair.


4. Honey, I’m totally a “Little Bunkers” for you.


Off of Standish, you’ll find both “little bunkers” and “big bunkers.” These runs are kid favorites as the young at heart fondly change bunkers to bonkers.


3. I’m FREE FALLING for your love.


Goat’s Eye Mountain is home to some of our wildest terrain at Banff Sunshine. Back in 1995 when we first opened the mountain, we held a naming contest for the new runs. With steep, seemingly vertical, terrain Free Fall was a fan favorite. Just as first turns down Goat’s Eye where love at first carve, that feeling of finding the one can be a total free fall.


2. My Mother in Law is a gem, after all, she gave me you!


Think what you want about your mother in law, but at Sunshine, she’s a steep and deep chute to the skiers left of Goat’s Eye.  And just like some of the more difficult relationships in life, once you’re back on the lift, you find yourself ready for a second visit.


1. You’re the only one I want to ride this Rollercoaster with.


Ask any 6-year old what their favorite run at Sunshine is, and you’ll get Roller Coaster. This Valentine’s day, show you’re special someone that you’re in it together. Through the ups and the downs of a fun little run called Rollercoaster.


And if those fail, you could stick to the classic. “Like a snowflake, you’re one of a kind!


Now that you’ve got the slick tricks (we mean phrases) to melt the ice of your crushe's heart, come take a ride on our Sunshine Love Chair. Which will be taking flight in the Sunshine Village area on Thursday, February 14th, from 11 am to 3 pm.


Who knows? If things go real smooth, perhaps you can treat your date to a romantic feast at Sunshine Mountain Lodge.