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Foolin' Around at Banff Sunshine

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Mar 30, 2022

Foolin' Around at Banff Sunshine

April Fool's Day, for our marketing team the international day of “pranks” is without a doubt one of our favorite days of the year. For our team, we dive into the imaginative process as we dream up a “believable” joke to play on our skiers and snowboarders.


 At Sunshine, we’re about fun! What we love about April Fool’s Day is being able to showcase our “silly” side, as we pull your “ski boot” wearing leg, with a Sunshine announcement of a new ‘product’, ‘service’, ‘partnership’ or ‘policy’ hahahaha.


If you’ve been following us on social media for a while, you’ve probably fallen for one of our jokes in the past. For those new to Sunshine – and because ‘remember is to live again’, as our Spanish friends will say- we dug deep in our Sunshine archives to bring you April Fools’ video pranks from previous years that are sure to make you laugh.



2015: Sunshine Will Host the 2015 World Champions of Crushed Ice

On April 1st, 2015 Sunshine Village was thrilled to announce a partnership with Crushed Ice. Our slopes were the official training location for this extreme and very innovative winter sport. No rings were necessary, the whole mountain and Canada’s Best Snow (therefore, Canada’s Best Ice, of course) was available for our professional guests! Check out their first practice on the video below.



2016: New to Skiing, Skip the Lessons and Ski Like a Pro With Salomon’s Self Skiing Ski

In 2016, we partnered with Salomon Skis to launch self-skiing skis! A totally new and revolutionary technology that promised to speed up your learning process and make your experience on the slopes a lot more fun. We didn’t know the impact that would have on our Ski School, but we needed to test them out, so skiers knew how to use them in their next visit. Take a look at the video below.  



2017: DRAW A LINE! Sunshine Separates Skiers from Snowboarders on the Slopes.

In 2017, we listened to our guests’ complaints and made JUSTICE. We decided to divide the slopes into Skiers and Snowboarders only runs. As part of this new initiative to keep our runs safe, we draw lines and put signs around the resort to ensure everyone was riding on the right lane. We had some snowboarders disappointed, but since they represented only a small portion of the hill, they had to stick to the new rules. Watch the video to see how that went.



2018: Sunshine Goes Cell Phone Free!

In 2018, Banff Sunshine was the first North America’s resort to go Cell Phone Free. With this new anti-mobile policy, all guests were required to leave their cell phones in the car or lock them in one of the cell phone designated lockers to avoid having them revoked by our security guards. What did this mean? No more Facebook or Instagram posts, no more tweets or messaging. We wanted to give riders the chance to embrace the present moment and talk to each other – which wasn’t awkward at all.



2019: Enjoy Your Meal Always Fresh, Sometimes Frozen, On the Slopes.

This year, after months of logistical planning, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of “Sunshine Eats”, our new on-mountain delivery service. With the Sunshine Eats App guests could order menu items from any of our restaurants and have their lunch (or snacks) skied directly to them! However, in extreme weather, our insulated delivery bags can be, well, useless. That said with Sunshine Eats your food will always be fresh, but sometimes frozen.


2021: Great Divide is for BC Residents Only

Effective April 1st, 2021, all skiers and snowboarders hoping to ride Great Divide Express must show proof of BC residency – such as a valid BC driver’s license or recent paystub. Starting April 1st, 2021, we will have security teams stationed at the base of our Great Divide Express actively checking for a valid proof of BC residency. Our security teams will also be stationed at the top of Standish, on Boundary Bowl and in our Great Divide Terrain Park. With the closure of our Great Divide Terrain Park to all non-BC residents, we encourage our Albertan park riders to get creative in our Strawberry Park, our Wolverine Kids Play Park or our newly opened Grizzly Park.