Friday, April 21

How do you Earth Day?

Banff Sunshine celebrates Earth Day every day! Hero thumbnail
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Apr 21, 2023

Banff Sunshine celebrates Earth Day every day!

Momma Nature, we strive to make you proud!


At Banff Sunshine there is not a day that passes that we don't we thank our lucky stars to call Banff National Park home. As a resort it’s our purpose to create an experience worthy of our location in Canada’s oldest national park. Each day we have a goal of inspiring our guests to fall in love with Canadian Rockies (as much as we do).


If you ask us, the Canadian Rockies are home to the most magnificent mountains in the world. Which you are guaranteed to enjoy when carving up Canada’s Best Snow at Banff Sunshine. 


As part of a mountain national park, our little slice of paradise is home to a diverse species of both plant and wildlife.


In pursuit of our mission to inspire all guests of Banff Sunshine to become raving fans of not just us, but of the Canadian Rockies and the environment, we work closely with Parks Canada to ensure we properly manage and care for our environment so that future generations can continue to enjoy the thrill of skiing, snowboarding and hiking at Sunshine. 


We are ever so thankful for what Mother Nature gives us, we don’t take it for granted, we preserve it! We don’t make snow, we farm it. 


Sunshine Village's trail crew builds over 30 km of snow-fencing annually. Her highness herself blows wind over Banff Sunshine Village, at 2286 meters above sea level, as our fences capture large amounts of wind-blown, natural snow. We then push the snow onto the slopes, for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy what Mother Nature gives us, Canada’s Best Snow!  


Snow Farming saves us over 75, 000 gallons of water a year, by eliminating snow guns!  


At Banff Sunshine Village, we’re motivated to operate a safe and eco-conscious resort in Canada's oldest National Park. 

We’re committed to investing in transportation. So far of the 22/23 Winter season, 18% of Sunshine guests use our Sunshine shuttle. That’s one in five people visiting Sunshine who leave their car at home! 


We encourage all guests to take advantage of our resort’s FREE daily bus shuttle. It is a reliable, alternate way to get to and from the Town of Banff that eliminates carbon emissions, (and costs,) for the average skier and rider.  


One of our environmental efforts to keeping Sunshine Village safe and clean is ensuring proper disposal of waste in our mountain environment! This ensures that we try to minimize as much as possible what waste ends up in the local environment. Did you know in 2022, Banff Sunshine recycled over 40, 000 kgs of cardboard, plastic, wood and tin! 


During our Summer months, our Sunshine staff monitor our trails to keep them safe and clean. We take extra measures to ensure our guests stay on trail, to not disturb the wildlife around us and provide the environment with a healthy space to grow.


Banff Sunshine Village plays its part in various ways to keep our resort eco-conscious and sustainable. To read a full list of our Environental efforts, please click here! 


Join Banff Sunshine Village, as we treat Mother Earth with respect every day, so we can continue exploring our favorite playground of all, Banff Sunshine Village!