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7 Fun and Easy Summer 2021 Activities To Do In Banff

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Jun 8, 2021

7 Fun and Easy Summer 2021 Activities To Do In Banff

While it may not be officially summer yet, we can already gear up for summer activities here in Banff. There is so much to do and explore right in our backyard. Walking around town is terrific, but if you want to get the most out of summer, definitely head out on a little (or big) adventure. The town is in such a fantastic location; you really don't need to go far for a great hike or bike. From taking a stand-up paddleboard out to one of the beautiful blue lakes, to blasting down the trails on a mountain bike, even beginners, or those without a lot of time or equipment, can live the mountain lifestyle.


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Cascade Waterfall Hike:

Hike up the waterfall that falls down Cascade Mountain just outside of town. You can spot it right from the Trans Canada Highway 1. On the first westbound turn-off to Banff, take the turn to Lake Minnewanka instead of turning into town. On your left, there will be a parking lot, and you can start heading up from there.



Tunnel Mountain Trail Hike:

Hike up Tunnel Mountain, or also known as Sleeping Buffalo Mountain. The town of Banff almost completely encircles the area. Park on Tunnel Mountain Drive or walk from anywhere in town; it really is that close. The top offers beautiful views of the town. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/canada/alberta/tunnel-mountain-trail


Mountain Bike the Tunnel Mountain Trail System:

Rent a mountain bike in town from Snowtips-Bactrax and ride right from the store to the Tunnel Mountain loop. There are lots of great trails around. If you need directions, feel free to ask the staff. They are super helpful and will also have some excellent additional trail recommendations.



Stand-Up Paddleboarding at Two Jack or Johnson Lake:

Rent an inflatable SUP in town from the Ski Big 3 Adventure Hub. They are portable and easy to pack in your car to transport to one of the many lakes and rivers around town. Head towards Lake Minnewanka and SUP Two Jack Lake or Johnson Lake, or ask one of the awesome staff for more recommendations.



E-Bike Around Vermillion Lakes to The 1A:

Rent an e-bike from the Ski Big 3 Adventure Hub. These bikes with electric motor assistance will enable you to explore the entire town and more. The 1A highway is currently closed to vehicle traffic to allow cyclists to go all the way from Banff to Johnston Canyon. https://skibig3adventurehub.com/summer/


Kayak The Bow River:

Head to the Banff Canoe Club and rent a kayak to take down the Bow River or Vermillion Lakes. The club is located right on the river, so you don't need to worry about transporting any rentals.



Canoe The Bow River:

Head to the Banff Canoe Club and rent a canoe to take down the Bow River. Known as a "quintessential Canadian activity," it is a calming and peaceful way to explore Banff.