Tuesday, August 24

Banff Sunshine Using the Sun to Bring the Fun

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Aug 24, 2021

Banff Sunshine Using the Sun to Bring the Fun

Banff Sunshine Village is proud to announce the installation of Banff’s newest solar panel array, installed at our Banff Sunshine Village Transportation Center, located on Eagle Crescent in the Town of Banff industrial compound.




The new 60.2 kW solar panel system is the largest privately-owned system in the Town of Banff, and the 4th largest next to similar systems owned by the municipality.


The roughly 3,250 square foot system, made up of 140 unique panels each with a 430 W capacity, covers over 83% of the roof of the building. Once active, the system will generate between 55,000 to 60,000 kWh on an annual basis – more than enough to meet the needs of Banff Sunshine’s Transportation Center. Because of this, surplus green energy generated by the system will be exported to the power grid.


The green energy generated from Banff Sunshine’s solar panel array will represent a reduction of over 40 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis, the equivalent of planting 1200 trees. The surplus exported green energy will be enough to offset energy needs of 8 average Canadian households per year and over 10 households in the sunny summer months, when Banff receives up to 16 hours of sunshine a day.


“This green energy project is just the latest step in a constant mission that we at Banff Sunshine have in place to diversify our operations” says Taylor Scurfield, Special Projects (EIT) who managed the project. “Operating in Banff National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site, means we are always striving to do better in this special place that we at Sunshine call home. We will continue to improve our practices, work in harmony with nature, and bring the fun of the Canadian Rocky Mountains to our guests!”