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Have you met Lachlan Frison, Mr. Slush Cup 93?

Have you met Lachlan Frison, Mr. Slush Cup 93? Hero thumbnail
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Jun 1, 2023

Have you met Lachlan Frison, Mr. Slush Cup 93?

If you haven't already met Lachlan Frison, now's your chance to get to know the newly crowned Mr. Slush Cup!!


Growing up as a ski racer for the Sunshine Alpine Racers, prior to May 22nd's 93rd Slush Cup, Lachlan Frison had competed in almost every kind of ski event imaginable - from Giant Slalom to Super G. There was only one earmarked event missing on the 18-year-old's skiing resume. You guessed it, the contest missing was competing in the wettest, wildest competitions of them all; the one he grew up watching and dreaming about was Sunshine Village's end-of-year Slush Cup competition.


For as long as Lachlan can remember, the 2023 Slush Cup has been circled on his calendar as he'd finally be old enough to compete in the notorious event. To quote Lachlan, "I waited patiently to be old enough to compete, and I was just happy to be in the event; I was definitely NOT expecting to win." 


As a rookie Slush Cup competitor, Lachlan left the fans and judges speechless, as there was no denying how impressive the now 18-and-a-quarter-year-old University of Calgary Dino's skiers' race over the pond was. With a clean 180 out of the pond, the judges had no choice but to crown Lachlan as this year's Mr. Slush Cup.


Competing in the presence of over 3,500 fans, Lachlan admits he felt a bit nervous at first. To calm his nerves, Lachlan focused on his main source of motivation to help get him to the finish line – The water! "I knew I had to make it across the slushy pool of ice water, and I did not want to be stuck swimming in ski boots. Knowing how cold the water was, I really didn't want to fall." 


Lachlan propelled himself forward with a few powerful strides on his all-mountain skies and expertly maneuvered down the slope to gain as much speed as possible to avoid the rigid dunk that comes with a slow start.


The random extra-large floaties scattered on the pool surface were a consistent challenge for many slush cuppers but not for Lachlan. By diligently picking a clean line, he masterfully managed to avoid each and every floaty as he successfully skied on the water to cross the 110-foot pool.  


The rookie slush cupper said hearing his name being announced as a top ten contestant came as a surprise. With a confirmed spot in the finals, Lachlan seized the opportunity to up the ante on his second skim, adding more personal style and holding his speed enough to execute a clean 180 out of the pool. "Once I made it across again, I realized I had a real chance at winning," said Lachlan, still in disbelief. 


"Being named this year's Mr. Slush Cup is so cool because I feel like I am really part of Sunshine's great community," said the freshly crowned champion. His advice to anyone considering attempting the slushiest event of the year? "Find someone slightly better than you for that extra push, and maybe try some waterskiing too!"


Although this was Lachlan's first slush cup, he is assured it won't be the last. Be sure to congratulate Lachlan on the hill, as he plans to utilize his free season pass to train for slush cup 94 as he prepares to defend his title in next year's competition.