Canada's Only Heated Lift

Ride Canada's Hottest Lift, only at Banff Sunshine.

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Meet the Newest Lift in our Fleet, Teepee Town LX.

Built in 2014, for the start of the 2014/15 ski season, Teepee Town LX has revolutionized how skiers and snowboarders ride Banff Sunshine Village.

What's Unique About the Chair?

TeePee Town LX is Canada's first and only heated chairlift. In addition to heated seats, Teepee Town protects riders from the wind with an orange cover, and allows users to rest their legs on foot rests. The orange bubble concept comes from Europe and is a symbol for a lift that has heated seats.

How Does the Heated Seat Work?

It's really quite cool! Each chair is equipped with a heating cable (if you look at the chair, you'll notice a cord underneath the seat). Before the chair enters the station, it's traveling at a speed of 5 meters per second. When the chair enters the station, it detaches from the haul rope and is pushed through the bottom station by a series of tires. As the chair makes its way through the station, it crosses six chargers. Each charger sends a heat wave through the chair. As you load the chair, your seat is still heating. The heat feels nice on your tush. To keep the heat longer, we recommend pulling down the orange bubble.


Teepee Town LX is an energy efficient bottom drive lift with an engine size of 750 horsepower. Teepee Town chair carries riders uphill at a speed of 5 meters per second (18.3 km/hour). Teepee Town LX has an uphill capacity of 1200 skiers per hour.

Why is Teepee Town Orange?

Orange you glad we have a hot lift for you to ride? We built Teepee Town LX with an orange protective cover, because it has come to represent heated chairs in Europe.

Can Skiers and Snowboarders of all Levels Ride Teepee Town LX?

Yes, at Banff Sunshine Village all of our chairs have an easiest route option. Teepee Town LX boasts access to some of our famed big mountain terrain (like The Shoulder, and Teepee Town cliffs), acts as a connector lift from lower mountain back to The Village, and offers skiers and snowboarders gentle blue and green routes off the Angel Express chair.

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