Saturday, April 27

Fireball Tasting (April 27th & 28th)

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Apr 27, 2024

Fireball Tasting (April 27th & 28th)

Get ready to heat things up!


Join us on Saturday, April 27th, and Sunday, April 28th, as we host the Fireball tent in the Village! Swing by the Trappers Beer Garden and experience the fiery flavor of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. Let the unmistakable warmth of Fireball ignite your senses and spice up your weekend. Don't miss out on this blazing opportunity!


Some mysteries remain around the origin of the famous Fireball. According to legends, it was created during a typical freezing night of Canadian winter. In an attempt to warm up, a Canadian bartender choose to blend a local whiskey with sugar and cinnamon.


See you there, and let's ski into unforgettable memories together!