Restrictions Exemption Program at Sunshine Village

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Last updated December 3, 2021




How will Banff Sunshine keep me safe this winter?

At Banff Sunshine, we have health and safety measures in place to minimize transmission of respiratory infections, including immunization and daily screening for our team members, heightened cleaning and disinfecting throughout our facilities, and a continued focus on hand, respiratory, and environmental hygiene throughout all Resort areas and for all Resort visitors.


Banff Sunshine is participating in the Province of Alberta’s Restrictions Exemption Program (REP). There is information on our social channels and website about the REP, and Proof of Entry requirements are listed on signage as you approach the Resort. By participating in the REP, we will be able to operate at a higher capacity which will help speed up our gondola line.


Masks are required by the provincial government in all indoor public spaces. This includes our gondola, all buildings, and the enclosed TeePee Town LX chairlift.


Please review the information at prior to visiting us this winter!


How does the REP at Banff Sunshine work?

Guests will be required to show a “Proof of Entry” document to access the Resort facilities.


Proof of Entry documents include: 


1) valid proof of full vaccination


2) proof of a privately paid negative rapid test taken within 72 hours of entry, OR


3) a valid medical exception.


The name and date of birth on the Proof of Entry document must be verified, for all individuals 18 and older, with personal identification. Valid personal ID includes:

  • ·       Birth certificate
  • ·       Citizenship card
  • ·       Driver’s licence
  • ·       Provincial or Territorial Government issued ID card, including a Health Card
  • ·       Métis card, Treaty card, Inuit Status card
  • ·       Passport
  • ·       Permanent Resident Card


I’m sick. Can I still come to your Resort? 

Individuals with core COVID-19 symptoms or who are confirmed to have COVID-19 must isolate, in accordance with CMOH Order 39-2021.

If you are feeling under the weather, please visit us another time!


Where do I get screened?

All persons entering the Resort and intending to use any facilities are screened at the blue and yellow tents at our Bourgeau Gondola Plaza.  


If you are using a Banff Sunshine shuttle bus, you will be screened prior to boarding the bus.


Are vaccines required to ride lifts at Banff Sunshine Village?

Screening is required for anyone 12 and older to use any facilities at Banff Sunshine Village, and this includes the gondola and all chair lifts. Presenting a Proof of Entry document is required.


Will I be required to go through screening every time I ski at Banff Sunshine this winter?

Yes, all Guests will be required to be screened every time they visit Banff Sunshine, and any time they leave the REP Zone (e.g., going back to the Parking Lot).


Please read the Restrictions Exemption Pre-Check Program at Banff Sunshine section below to see if you qualify for our precheck Program.


What is valid proof of full vaccination?

·       Valid Government of Alberta vaccination with a QR Code

·       A picture or paper record of a valid First Nations immunization record

·       Canadian Armed Forces immunization record

·       Immunization record from another Canadian province or territory, showing the name of the recipient, type of vaccine, date of administration, and a valid QR Code.

·       For international travelers: a valid immunization record showing the name of the recipient, type of vaccine, and date of administration.


Full vaccination means it has been at least 14 days from receiving the second dose of a 2-dose vaccine (mixed vaccine series are valid), or a single dose of Janssen.


What if I don’t have an Alberta Issued Vaccine QR code?

As of November 15, the Alberta vaccine record with QR code is the only valid Alberta proof of vaccination accepted. It can be downloaded here:


What is valid proof of a negative test result?

A written copy of a negative, Health Canada approved, rapid antigen, rapid PCR, or lab-based PCR test, dated within 72 hours of entry to the Resort. Photos are not accepted.


The sample must have been taken within 72 hours of entry – if your test was taken Monday, you are only able to access the resort up until Thursday. If you are attempting to access the resort on Friday, you need a new test.


Self-administered tests are not accepted. Do not bring any kits or completed tests with you.


Tests from the Alberta Health Services public COVID-19 testing system are not accepted.


Your test result must meet the criteria above and must include:

·       A clear indication of the lab or health care professional that completed the test

·       The type of test

·       Time of sample collection

·       Clear indication of a negative result


Can I get a Rapid Test at Banff Sunshine?

You can get a rapid test in the Parking Lot by going to and booking an appointment (Sunday – Thursday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Friday – Saturday 7:30 am to 3:00 pm).


What is a valid medical exception?

If you are medically exempt from receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, you will be required to provide documentation. A valid medical exception is the original signed letter from a physician or nurse practitioner that includes:

·       Your name

·       The physician or nurse practitioner’s information – name, phone number, contact information, professional registration number, and signature

·       A statement that there is a medical reason for the exception from being fully vaccinated against COVID-19

·       The period of time during which the exception is valid


Exceptions that are presented in a form other than what is outlined above, or exceptions from physicians or nurse practitioners who are restricted from issuing medical exceptions for reasons related to COVID-19, will not be accepted.


My child does not have photo ID, will they be allowed to ski or snowboard this winter?

Yes, youth between the ages of 12 and 17 are welcome to ski and ride to their hearts content this winter. To access our resort, they will be required to provide a Proof of Entry document.


I have kids under 12, will they be allowed to ski or snowboard?

Children aged 0-11 are not required to undergo any screening under the REP.


What if I am not vaccinated, can I ski or snowboard at Sunshine this winter?

Unvaccinated skiers or snowboarders will need to provide a privately paid negative rapid test, or valid proof of a medical exception, to access Banff Sunshine this winter.


I am staying at Sunshine Mountain Lodge this winter will I need to show proof of vaccination?

To stay at Sunshine Mountain Lodge this winter you will be required to present a Proof of Entry document and government-issued personal identification that matches the name on your Proof of Entry. If you present Proof of Entry in the form of a negative test result which expires during your stay with us, you will need to get another negative test result to continue your stay.


Will hotel facilities be open at Sunshine Mountain Lodge this winter?

We will be operating our hot tub, sauna, gym, family room, and our guest after-hours activities this winter.


Is the Day Care open?

Yes, the Banff Sunshine Day Care is open.


Children who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may be subject to additional restrictions within 14 days of arrival to Canada, which may limit their ability to participate in the Day Care, and some aspects of our Ski School lesson programs. For more information, please visit the Government of Canada’s website at or contact the Sunshine Village Ski School at 1.403.762.6560.


Will I need to wear a mask at Banff Sunshine this winter?

Masks are required by the provincial government in all indoor public spaces. This includes our gondola, all buildings, the TeePee Town LX chairlift, and on our shuttle busses.


Masks are not required for children under 2, or for children when using the Day Care.


Will there be capacity restrictions for indoor dining areas this winter?

By participating in the REP, we will be able to operate our restaurants and indoor seating areas at full capacity. Masks are required unless eating or drinking while seated at a table, or stationary at a standing table.


Will there be changes to the 2021/22 Covid operating procedures at Banff Sunshine this winter?

We at Banff Sunshine will be following all guidance from AHS and the province to guarantee our promise of offering the safest mountain experience we can. Restrictions are subject to change at any time, please check our website for the most current information on our operations.


Where can I find more information about Alberta’s Restrictions Exemption Program?

More information on Alberta’s Restrictions Exemption program can be found here.



Restrictions Exemption Pre-Check Program at Banff Sunshine


Do I qualify for this Program?

Guests who have a picture pass can have their proof of full vaccination checked once for the winter season. Picture passes include Banff Sunshine Season passes, registered Direct-to-Lift Sunshine SuperCards, SkiBig3 season passes, Mountain Collective passes, and IKON passes.


Mobile Direct-to-Lift SuperCards are not currently eligible for the Program, because they do not have a picture on them.


If I qualify for the Program, what do I need to show to get my precheck verification?

1)      Valid proof of full vaccination or a valid medical exception


2)      For all guests 18 and older, government-issued personal identification.


Where can I get my precheck verification?

Calgary Snow Central – 1037 11th Avenue SW, Calgary AB T2R 0G1


Banff Sunshine Village Ski and Snowboard Resort


Do I need to show my precheck verification every time I visit the Resort?

You will need to present your verified picture pass at the blue and yellow screening tents, or when boarding a Sunshine Village shuttle bus, each time you visit the Resort, but you will not need to show your actual proof of vaccination document.


You may still be asked to present personal identification to confirm your identity.


How will my Picture Pass be verified?

A sticker will be placed on your Picture Pass and will be used as a visual cue for entry at the Resort (and onto our shuttle busses).


Any attempts to tamper with your Picture Pass or sticker will cause it to become VOID and you will not be eligible to participate in the Program.


What if I do not qualify for this Program?

Guests visiting Banff Sunshine who hold a daily lift ticket, or who have a picture pass but present a negative test result as Proof of Entry for each visit will not qualify for this Program.


Guests will need to present Proof of Entry + personal ID each time they visit the Resort.


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