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Sunshine Village - Banff Canada

The Soft & Natural Snow Experience

Sunshine Village March 30, 2012 Banff, Alberta (AB)

Sunshine Village Incredible Spring Pass Sale

63 days of Canada's best spring skiing, ski and ride for as little as $5 a day. Not sure what pass is right for you?

Check out the Season Pass Definitions to choose which pass applies to you.

Your season pass comes with incredible benefits. Click here to see the list.

2012 Sunshine Village Spring Pass Rates (valid March 20th to May 21st)

Adult (18+)


Sunshine Village Online Store



Sunshine Village Online Store

Youth (13-17)


Sunshine Village Online Store

Student (18-24)


Sunshine Village Online Store

Midweek (Mon - Thurs)


Sunshine Village Online Store

Senior (65+)


Sunshine Village Online Store

Child (6-12)


Sunshine Village Online Store

Tiny Tiger (5 and under)


Sunshine Village Online Store

** Move fast: numbers are limited


Where to purchase your pass

1. Calgary Snow Central

2. Banff Lake Louise Sunshine Ski Hub

3. Online Store


In addition to access to fantastic skiing and riding at Sunshine Village your Season Pass will give you access to exclusive discounts on food, retail, rentals, accommodation and much more. Check out our Benefits & Discounts Guide to find out what benefits & discounts are waiting for you!

Important to note

  • Proof of age (as of December 31st) is required for purchase of most passes.
  • Prices do not include GST.
  • Liability waiver must be read, understood and signed prior to pass being issued. Passholders under the age of 18 require signature of parent or guardian. If you had a pass in the last two years we will most likely have your waiver on file. Liability Waiver
  • Season Passes are only valid to residents of Western Canada only.
  • Midweek passes are only valid Monday-Thursday.
  • Prices subject to change.

Refund Policy - Protect yourself

Upon purchase of your Season Pass, you will be prompted with the option to purchase a Refund Option. Sunshine Village recommends that any Season Pass purchaser should also purchase a refund option. Without purchasing the Refund Option upon time of Season Pass purchase, there will be no refunds whatsoever. The Refund Option purchase price is non-refundable.

Qualification for Refund

You must purchase the Refund Option to qualify for a refund. The Refund Option is only valid as a result of a medical condition, supported by a doctor's certificate or a transfer of employment, supported by a letter from your employer. The Refund Option is not available for Sun Pass, Tiny Tiger Pass or Corporate Pass. The Refund Option covers cost of ski pass and any of the following products that were added on at time of purchase: Valet Park & Ski, VIP Parking and Lockers. To view how these refunds are calculated please read "Refund Calculation".

Refund Calculation

Upon successful qualification for refund, Sunshine Village will calculate the number of days the Season Pass has been used, if at all. The number of usages is then multiplied by the regular retail lift ticket rate. This total is then subtracted from amount that was paid for the Season Pass. This difference (if positive) is refunded. Should a negative balance result, then the Season Pass has been fully utilized and no refund will be paid.

Refund for Valet Park & Ski, VIP Parking, and Lockers is calculated at the same percentage of refund as the ski pass. For example, if the refund for the pass is 75% of pass cost, the same percentage refund will apply to VIP Parking Pass. If the Refund percentage is 0%, no refund will be provided.

Family Refunds

In the event that a family member becomes injured or as a result of employment relocation, the family pass purchaser is entitled to either a full or partial refund.

A full refund is available only in the event that ALL of the family members have not used their passes whatsoever. A partial refund will be available depending on the usages of the family. The partial refund will be calculated as described in "Refund Calculation" (above).