Sunshine Village All Time Snowfall Record, Banff, Alberta (AB)

Boasting a rich history of exploration and incredible experiences, Sunshine Village Ski and Snowboard Resort located in Banff National Park, is ready to celebrate another incredible milestone: the biggest snowfall on record in Sunshine’s 84 year history.

Over 909cm (30ft) has fallen since opening day.

“With 30ft in mid-March, this is the best snow in Sunshine Village history, and we have two months left in the season,” said  John Scurfield, Senior Vice President of Resort Operations, Sales and Marketing of Sunshine Village.  “This is an all-time record snowfall, more than I’ve seen in my entire life and I began skiing at Sunshine in 1970.”

In 1928 the Banff area, long before it was an international ski destination, endured a snow drought that sent many young locals into the mountains in search of the white stuff. 

Cliff White and Cyril Paris, two ambitious local sports enthusiasts, created a plan to use the TeePee Town trail cabin as an overnight point in their ski trek over the continental divide.

The sport was still rare in the area and some old timers considered skiers “the people with wooden heads and feet to match.”[i]

Unfortunately, due to the deep snow, White and Paris could not find the cabin before nightfall and were forced to sleep in a hollow in the snow.

In the morning they discovered that they had only just missed the cabin, but these two men were the first to ski what is now known as Sunshine Village and subsequently helped pave the way for millions of visitors who would one day enjoy Sunshine.

Luckily for modern day visitors, the powder is the same but the journey is much more comfortable – and you’re unlikely to miss the laughter and music trickling out of Mad Trapper’s saloon or the soft glow of lights from the luxurious Sunshine Mountain Lodge.

Sunshine is commemorating the record snowfall of 909cm (30ft) with free cake and balloons at Creekside restaurant.

Sunshine Village is renowned for its champagne powder, a very smooth and dry snow, which is fantastic for skiing and boarding. There’s never been a better time to grab a Sunshine spring pass, on sale now and offering 63 days of skiing for as low as $297.

Extended spring hours start March 31st with all lifts operating an extra half hour daily.

Sunshine Village is wide open until May 21st and at the time of this release, it is still snowing!     

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[i] (Sandford, Robert W. Sunshine: It’s Human and Natural Heritage)