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Kendra Scurfield

An interview with Sunshine Village’s Kendra Scurfield, snowboard enthusiast and host of Shredlines

January 10, 2013

As the host of Sunshine Village’s Shredlines series, host Kendra Scurfield takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of what it takes to produce the popular weekly video series.

Where did the idea for Shredlines come from?

Our social media guru came up with the idea for the series after watching a similar program featuring Halley O’Brien, a U.S. journalist. We wanted a fun and light-hearted way to show people around Sunshine Village. We also wanted to keep guests of the resort up-to-date on what events are happening and hopefully teach them something new about Sunshine Village while we were at it.

Tell us about the making of a Shredlines video?

There is a lot of brainstorming that goes on ahead of time. We actually get a lot of our ideas from what’s going on in social media and what our Sunshine Village fans want to see. Once we have an idea, we talk about the best way to use our time and plan accordingly. I make sure that I wake up early, eat breakfast and get some extra energy out so I'm ready for camera. Once my crew and I are in the gondola, we have a short meeting to talk about key shots that we need for the day. From there, we head to our destination and start the fun!

What has been your favourite Shredlines video to date?

That is a really tough question. I’ve has so much fun filming all of them and I really feel like it’s a privilege to share my knowledge of Sunshine Village with people from all over.  If I had to pick one, it would have to be the video where we featured Goat’s Eye Mountain. On a sunny day after a big snowfall, there is nowhere else I’d rather be than boarding Goat’s Eye’s fresh champagne powder. I also really like to share the stories of Sunshine that have played a role in shaping the resort. I remember how excited my dad, Ralph Scurfield (Sunshine Village president and principal owner), was when Goat’s Eye opened.

How long does it take to shoot the average Shredlines video?

Some of our videos require us to travel around the resort which means they can take two or three hours. We also have a lot of volunteers who help us out including employees of Sunshine Village. I get to ride while we film most of the time though, so you won’t find me complaining. We also edit all the footage to make sure it looks great and shows off all the different features we have at Sunshine Village.

What is the one thing you want people to remember about Sunshine Village?

Sunshine Village is a place that inspires people of all ages. The beauty of our three mountains is unparalleled. If someone has never been to the resort, I'd tell them to go and see it even if they don’t ski. The majestic Canadian Rockies are a wonder to be enjoyed by all and we really try to show that in every Shredlines video that we create.

New Shredlines videos can be seen every Thursday on Sunshine Village Ski and Snowboard Resort’s Facebook page and on YouTube.

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