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Summer at Sunshine

Multi-Week Ski School   

With her passion for education, environmental conservation and the great outdoors, new Human Resources trainer Sarah Moseley is a natural fit at Sunshine Village Ski & Snowboard Resort.

Moseley’s love of the outdoors drove her to earn a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation, where she studied environmental policy, environmental assessments, park management plans and much more.

“I realized how much I enjoyed teaching people about the outdoors and went into guiding with Backroads International,” she said.

Moseley spent 10 years with the award-winning travel company, where she began guiding week-long multisport trips in various countries.  

She eventually moved into managing specific trips and eventually became a Canadian Rockies Regional Expert, including Banff National Park.

“[Working for Backroads International] also lead to hiring and training and working on our world-wide training program, with three weeks of intensive soft/hard skill training,” said Moseley.

Most recently, her academic exploits have seen her complete her Masters of Teaching at the University of Calgary and she has since been heavily involved in the teaching community, from counseling at Canmore Collegiate High School to teaching kindergarten and Grade 1.

Moseley said her choice to join the Sunshine Village team was partly a desire to keep teaching via training and a need for a fun and dynamic work environment.

“It’s super important for me to enjoy coming to work every day and to work with amazing people,” said Moseley.

“We delighted to have Sarah as part of the team,” said John Scurfield, Senior Vice-president Sales, Marketing and Resort Operations.

Sarah intends to hone her skiing skills at Sunshine while designing new and improved, customer-oriented training programs for all levels of staff.

“Customer service is paramount to the industry, guest experience is what drives everything we do,” said Moseley.