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Sunshine Village Ropes Training

Ropes Training
When it comes to rescues, Sunshine Village Senior Ski Patrol and Snow Safety personnel are always ready to be on the hook. That’s because they may have to one day dangle from a rope to assist a guest or fellow staffer.

Sunshine Village Avalauncher

Ski Patrol Avalauncher
the Falcon GT will ease the opening of Delirium Dive and will help uphold Sunshine’s stringent safety standards. Purchased in the 2011 season from Avalanche Mitigation Systems for more than $30,000.

Sunshine Village Ski Patrol

Ski Patrol
The Sunshine Village mountain operations department maintains a team of trained ski patrol staff to handle accident prevention, response, avalanche control, rescue and fire.

Sunshine Village Snow Safety Snow Safety
Within the boundaries of Sunshine Village Ski and Snowboard Resort, Sunshine Village Ski Patrol operates an extensive avalanche control program. Through a variety of methods, the ski patrollers protect skiers from dangers.
Sunshine Village Ski Patrol & Sunshine Village Ski Patrol Avalanche Control Advancement in Banff, Alberta (AB) Ski Patrol Avalanche Control
Sunshine Village Ski & Snowboard Resort employs Field ID safety inspection software along with mobile devices with scanners, and metal bar codes to track and manage explosives.

Sunshine Village Safety First Safety First

At Sunshine Village, we take guest and employee safety very seriously. We continuously seek to improve on our already excellent record.It is important to realize that skiing and riding come with inherent risk.

Sunshine Village delirium dive free-ride-zone Delirium Dive Free Ride Zone
Delirium Dive is the world-famous freeride zone opened to the public in 1998. If you like to push your skiing adventure to the limits – but to do so responsibly – then this is the area for you.
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Sunshine Village Wild West Free Ride Zone Avalanche Controlled The Wild West Free Ride Zone
Since it opened to the public in 2003, the Wild West has rivaled Delirium Dive for outstanding adventure. You can test your skills and get a big mountain adventure, but do so responsibly in an avalanche-controlled area.
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