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Sunshine Village - Banff Canada


Canada's #1 Day Hike

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Sunshine History Articles:

Sunshine Village Best Snow in History

Largest Snowfall in Sunshine History
We've beaten our all-time record snowfall with 1000cm (over 33 feet) and still counting! To gain some perspective on what 10 metres looks like, imagine four large elephants stacked precariously one on top of the other.

Sunshine Village Landmarks Growth

Landmarks in Sunshine's Growth
Sunshine Village prehistory, European contact, founding years information, and modern era highlights. 

Slush Cup: A long standing tradition

Slush Cup, A Long Standing Tradition

The annual Slush Cup is a long-standing tradition at Sunshine Village Ski & Snowboard Resort in Banff, Alberta.


Goats Eye Mountain

Origin of Ski Run Names.

Here you will find information about the origin of Sunshine Village ski run names, including the runs on Goat’s Eye Mountain, Mount Standish, and Lookout Mountain at Sunshine Village Ski Resort in Banff (Alberta) Canada.